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At the Innovation Center, we are investing in forward-looking ideas. By analyzing current mega-trends, we identify Innovation Fields in which we see potential for new business.

Our Innovation Field “Cultured Meat” – also referred to as clean, cultivated or cell-based meat – focuses on the biotechnology required to produce genuine meat and seafood grown in vitro. This will enable the production of animal protein that is healthier, more ethical and environmentally sustainable. As a leading supplier to the biopharma industry and through our expertise in cell line engineering, culture media and bioprocessing technologies, we aim to become a technology enabling partner for the cultured meat industry – from R&D to the efficient scale-up of cultured meat production. 

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Eat meat without guilt: cultured meat production will use less land and water, generate lesser greenhouse gases and remove animal suffering
  • Better nutrition: Chicken with an extra boost of vitamins, beef enriched with omega-3 or mercury-free tuna


What are we looking for?

  • Technologies to enable economically viable, large-scale production of cultured meat and seafood such as animal component-free media, high-yield cell line development, industrial bioreactors or automation platforms
  • Technologies similar to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to enable next-generation of structured meat products such as edible scaffolds/biomaterials, 3D cell culture processes or 3D printing

Want to learn more? Get more facts and the latest news about the Cultured Meat Innovation Field here


With the recent advent of liquid biopsy as a new sampling and testing method, non-invasive alternatives to traditional tissue-based diagnostics are beginning to be applied more and more in clinical contexts, thereby reshaping the way of detecting and managing various diseases. Our Innovation Field “Liquid Biopsy Technologies” focuses on technological solutions to overcome unresolved challenges in the liquid biopsy workflow as well as on applications beyond cancer.

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Non-invasive diagnosis and patient monitoring
  • Individualized treatment selection in cancer and beyond
  • Detection of diseases early before symptoms appear


What are we looking for?

  • New technologies that help overcome bottlenecks in the liquid biopsy workflow such as the isolation of specific body fluid components or biomarkers
  • Liquid biopsies for indications beyond oncology where existing diagnosis or surveillance methods are inadequate and have significant limitations due to their invasiveness 

Curious to get to know one of our innovation projects within this field? Click here to learn about a novel research use only kit that enables scientists to test out the potential of a biomarker for kidney inflammation monitoring.

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