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At the Innovation Center, we are investing in forward-looking ideas. By analyzing current mega-trends, we identify Innovation Fields in which we see potential for new business.

Our Innovation Field “Cultured Meat” – also referred to as clean, cultivated or cell-based meat – focuses on the biotechnology required to produce genuine meat and seafood grown in vitro. This will enable the production of animal protein that is healthier, more ethical and environmentally sustainable. As a leading supplier to the biopharma industry and through our expertise in cell line engineering, culture media and bioprocessing technologies, we aim to become a technology enabling partner for the cultured meat industry – from R&D to the efficient scale-up of cultured meat production. 

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Eat meat without guilt: cultured meat production will use less land and water, generate lesser greenhouse gases and remove animal suffering
  • Better nutrition: Chicken with an extra boost of vitamins, beef enriched with omega-3 or mercury-free tuna


What are we looking for?

  • Technologies to enable economically viable, large-scale production of cultured meat and seafood such as animal component-free media, high-yield cell line development, industrial bioreactors or automation platforms
  • Technologies similar to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, to enable next-generation of structured meat products such as edible scaffolds/biomaterials, 3D cell culture processes or 3D printing

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Bioelectronic medical devices promise to become a paradigm shift. By selectively stimulating distinct nerves they will enable targeted treatment of indications with high unmet medical needs and the reduction of side effects. Our Innovation Field "Bioelectronics" focuses on medical devices using electrical impulses for treatment or prevention of diseases.

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Targeted treatment of indications with high unmet medical needs
  • Shorter development cycles and lower R&D costs      
  • Combining nerve signals with other accessible physiological datasets to create a holistic understanding for disease conditions

We enable innovative neurostimulation treatments building on our Electronics and Healthcare capabilities.

What are we looking for?

  • Differentiated technologies to stimulate and record peripheral nerves in Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany’s therapeutic areas (e.g. high selectivity, low power consumption, miniaturization)
  • Sensors and digital solutions capable of continuously turning data into disease relevant insights

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