Fighting Cancer – TOMMI Started Presenting Their Game to Doctors

Publish Date

26 JUL 2017


It’s getting serious for TOMMI from our most recent Accelerator intake in Germany.

It’s getting serious for TOMMI from our most recent Accelerator intake in Germany. TOMMI is developing an interactive therapeutic game for children in cancer care, based on virtual reality, and just had its first meeting with a hospital to present their game to practising medical professionals. The team met up with consultants from the University Hospital in Frankfurt to get their feedback on the prototype. They were impressed with the game and gave the team lots of valuable insights for developing it further over the coming months.

The game will be refined based on feedback from doctors, nurses, psychologists and caregivers of children in cancer therapies to make it as effective as possible for both doctors and patients. As the first chance for TOMMI to get feedback on the therapeutic engagement tool from doctors, the visit to the University Hospital was a milestone for them during the Accelerator program. At the moment, the team is continuing the game development working in close collaboration with the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome, while collecting medical insights and usability feedbacks directly in the pediatric clinic.

TOMMI was founded only a few months ago, in November 2016 during the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Hackathon in Rome. Since then, the team, led by co-founder Valentino Megale, has made huge progress; during the Accelerator program, they developed their game further and gained insights into the medical processes to help them develop the therapeutic side of the game. Over the coming months, the team will focus on developing the first iteration of the game.

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