Joining forces: Accelerator startup alumni Labfolder and Cubuslab are merging!

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21 MAY 2019


Participating in our Accelerator usually brings Big Bang Moments to our startups in various forms. That doesn’t just mean partnerships and acceleration – business reshaping and strategic mergers are also possible!

Participating in our Accelerator usually brings Big Bang Moments to our startups in various forms. That doesn’t just mean partnerships and acceleration – business reshaping and strategic mergers are also possible!

labfolder GmbH from Berlin and Cubuslab GmbH from Karlsruhe are merging. As a new company called Labforward, they will jointly develop a manufacturer-independent platform for the integration of laboratory equipment and laboratory control software. The result is an international company with unique expertise in the digital transformation of laboratories.

labfolder GmbH, a leading electronic lab notebook (ELN) provider, and Cubuslab GmbH, a leading provider of a manufacturer-independent platform for the digital integration of laboratory instruments, announced their merger yesterday. The joint company will operate under the name Labforward GmbH. Both existing branch offices - Berlin and Karlsruhe - will be retained. 

Combining cubuslab’s products and competences with the strengths of labfolder paves the way for an important strategic development. "A laboratory process has three basic steps: planning, execution and documentation," explains Dr. Simon Bungers, CEO and co-founder of labfolder. "With labfolder, we have an established solution for the documentation stage, where all the data comes together. The cubuslab platform and the data from laboratory devices enable us to simplify and increase the number of data inputs. We are enormously impressed by what the cubuslab team has achieved. We have known and appreciated each other’s work for several years, so we are looking forward to working together in the future in addition to expanding our expertise."

In contrast to many proprietary solutions, the cubuslab platform can be used to integrate, monitor and control laboratory equipment across different instrument manufacturers. "Labforward therefore also stands for openness and interoperability", says Dr. Dominic Lütjohan, cubuslab CEO and co-founder: "We do not believe that closed systems will be commercially successful in the long term. The cubuslab box and software can talk to other LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) and ELNs, and labfolder also interacts with other device platforms. What is important is that we have the expertise in both areas - in the laboratory, where the data is generated, and where the data is stored and processed."

Idea origins
The idea of combining the competencies of both companies was born at the end of 2017: "As alumni of the Accelerator Program, we gave a joint lecture at a conference organized by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in Dubai," says Julian Lübke, Head of cubuslab Product and co-founder of cubuslab.
"We were already joking after our presentation that we should join forces. In the following year, we worked together on so many projects that the tremendous advantages of the cooperation for both parties became obvious, and the initial joke became a serious opportunity."  

cubuslab and labfolder will present their first co-developed innovation at this year's smartLAB special show at Labvolution: An innovative laboratory control system (Lab Execution System, LES) that allows laboratory devices from all manufacturers to be intelligently linked into smart workflows. "This makes laboratory work more efficient and precise," says Dr. Florian Hauer, CPO and co-founder of labfolder. "The automatic data collection and transfer to the labfolder ELN also reduces the documentation effort enormously.

Labforward is currently working with leading companies in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia to roll out these innovations internationally. The next highlight this autumn is the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA) in Beijing.

Michael Gamber, Head of our Innovation Center, the former home of both Accelerator startup alumni of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany commented, “We feel honored that two of our startup alumni have formed their strategic alliance thanks to our Accelerator. It proves that collaboration has no limits and that it can happen in many different ways. We are still collaborating with them and will be proud to experience the evolution of their joint venture at first hand.”

If you want to know more about our Accelerator, stay tuned, because applications for the program in 2020 will open in June 2019!

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