Meet Nanosor, the startup that will enable early diagnosis

Publish Date

15 MAY 2019


Nanosor´s innovatve device will make real-time health monitoring possible.

To fight incidents of late diagnosis, Vijay Bhatt and Miha Markocic tell share with us that Nanosor have invented a sensor platform that can perform a multi-parameter diagnosis on objects such as ions, proteins and even DNA. As part of the Accelerator program, they got the support from our experts at our Innovation Center to make it possible to monitor your health at home in real-time. This helps counteract the lack of an early diagnosis, meaning fewer losses of loved ones to undetected diseases. Because it harnesses the benefits of modern production processes, Nanosor´s device is innovating to change the world and healthcare as we know it, affordably. Thanks to Vijay Bhatt and Miha Markocic for solving this problem for all of us!

Nanosor - Accelerator startup of KGaA Darmstadt, Germany