Silicon Valley Innovation Hub

The hub supports the company’s existing businesses, with the additional objective to look between and beyond their existing scopes. The hub has a direct connection to the company’s resources, market access, and extensive expertise and is responsible for exploring new technological opportunities by building and maintaining local relationships and partnerships.

Activities and events

Throughout the year, we host and organize a number of events. The topics revolve around our core businesses, as well as our Innovation Fields. To find and register for any upcoming events, please keep an eye on Eventbrite. If you wish to be added to our invite list, please send your name and email address to the email address shared below.

Get in contact

In our team, we have representatives from the company’s business units, Business Technology, and Strategy and Transformation department, including the Innovation teams.

To meet with any members of the SVIH team or to learn more about the Hub and its activities, please don’t hesitate to email us.

We are based in Menlo Park. Please feel free to email us about visiting us anytime.