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Empowering the scientific community with next-generation tools, services and platforms that make research simpler and more exact will accelerate discoveries that make a difference to people’s lives.


  • 56.1%

    More than half (56.1%) of all CRISPR publications are in the top 10% most-cited publications.[1]

  • 6X

    Cloud computing spending is expected to grow at better than 6x the rate of IT spending through 2020.[2]

  • $10tn

    Global healthcare spending could reach over $10 trillion by 2022 & its delivery is being transformed.[3]


Scientific work is changing at a staggering rate. Not only is knowledge far more accessible, but equipment costs are falling. At the same time, cloud-based working is becoming increasingly popular and ‘democratising’ technologies, such as CRISPR gene-editing, are putting powerful scientific tools, which used to require significant funding, into the hands of the research community at large. Alongside this, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, robotics, additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, and blockchain technology will enable advanced analysis of data and transform how research is undertaken.

This transformation will make scientific work easier and faster and give more and more researchers access to the ideas and the means to turn discoveries into life-changing innovations that can benefit humanity.

  • Animal welfare

    We strive for the highest research ethics and welfare for all animals used in our research – and our ambition is to phase out this animal use.

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  • Bioprocessing 4.0

    The facility of the future will transform the manufacturing of biologic drugs - expanding access to affordable, life-changing medicines for patients.
  • Powering connections

    Struggling to know what your company knows? Our digital platform enables instant access to organizational knowledge, sparking collaboration and accelerating R&D progress.
  • handheld cell counter

    Every day, scientists are carrying out cell studies to advance biology and develop new medicines. Can the handheld cell counter help accelerate their discoveries?
  • Activate Curiosity

    How can we create work environments that foster innovative thinking? Find out why curiosity is the answer.

  • Crystalline Sponges

    Discover how crystalline sponges are revolutionizing molecular structure analysis, with the potential to transform research and even entire industries forever.
  • Improving productivity

    Our LANEXO™ digital laboratory informatics system automatically keeps track of reagents – freeing up more time for scientists to spend at the bench, accelerating research.
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  • Faster drug discovery

    Recent advances in AI are enabling chemists to synthesize new compounds more efficiently, speeding up drug discovery so new medicines can reach patients sooner.

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