SEMICON West & Awards 2024

Join us to explore groundbreaking technologies transforming the microelectronics sector and enabling smart applications.

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This year, SEMICON West brings the incredibly diverse global electronics supply chain together to address the semiconductor ecosystem’s greatest opportunities and changes through programs highlighting: Market Intelligence | Standards | Sustainability | Workforce Development | SEMI University | Supply Chain Management | and much more.

We are proud sponsors of the following activities:

  • SEMI Market Symposium | Monday, July 8th - 13:00 to 17:00 PST Moscone South, Room 301 & 302

The symposium provides a midyear market update of key market trends and drivers, plus a forum to discuss pertinent business issues. Connect with us and experts in microelectronics to discuss market forecasts and analysis for the semiconductor, equipment, materials, and other industries in the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain.

  • SEMI Sustainability Summit | Wednesday, July 10th - 9:00 to 17:00 PST Moscone Center, Exhibition Level, Room 20-21

The focus on the Path to Net Zero continues with executives and sustainability professionals sharing how, with chip demand continuing to rise, the industry will both contribute solutions to climate change AND become a contributor of significant greenhouse gasses. ​

  • The 3rd annual Startup for Sustainable Semiconductors Pitch sponsored by M Ventures | Wednesday, July 10th from 10:00 AM - 12:30PM

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  1. Kai Beckmann

    Member of the Executive Board, CEO of Electronics

    Investing in Collaboration: Stronger Together in the Resurgence of the Semiconductor Industry in the US

    09 Jul 2024 - FROM 13:50 TO 14:15 UTC-07:00


Abstract: During this keynote, Kai Beckmann will present examples and practical insights on how we can harness the power of collaboration to address the most pressing challenges in the semiconductor industry. Is it realistic to pursue R&D innovation by collaborating within our highly competitive ecosystem? Can we mobilize our collective resources to forge more sustainable solutions? How can we ensure everyone is a winner in the “war for talent”? 

Join us as we explore these questions and more, demonstrating how investing in collaboration is just as crucial as financial investment.


  1. John Langan

    Chief Technology Officer of Electronics

    AI for AI: Empowering Confident Decision-Making in the New Era of Artificial Intelligence

    10 Jul 2024 - FROM 9:35 TO 10:00 UTC-07:00


Abstract: This keynote session will highlight the significant impact of AI and digital tools in driving innovation across various fields, specifically in semiconductor technology and materials science, focusing on revolutionizing material discovery by leveraging advanced digital tools and capabilities at the Silicon Valley innovation center. This approach includes co-optimizing molecular design, process technology, and materials integration to identify solutions with superior performance at an earlier stage.

The presentation will showcase how data and AI are used to enable confident decision-making in building materials atom by atom throughout the entire materials R&D workflow. 


  1. Katherine Dei Cas

    EVP, Global Head of DS&S and Spec Gases

    Panel: Innovation in Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing

    10 Jul 2024 - FROM 10:20 TO 10:40 UTC-07:00

  2. Ralph R. Dammel

    Technology Fellow

    Development of Sustainable Materials for Semiconductor Patterning

    10 Jul 2024 - FROM 13:25 TO 13:45 UTC-07:00


  1. Samira Bagheri

    Senior Operations Manager

    Synergies Unveiled: Unleashing the Potential of AI/ML Panel Moderator

    09 Jul 2024 - FROM 10:30 TO 10:35 UTC-07:00

  2. Sam Wood

    Director, Head of Data Automation

    AI-enabled Supply Chain Resiliency and Manufacturing Intelligence in Semi Industry

    09 Jul 2024 - FROM 12:25 TO 12:40 UTC-07:00

  3. Andreas Baron

    Senior Data Engineer

    AI-enabled Supply Chain Resiliency and Manufacturing Intelligence in Semi Industry

  4. Ross Fu

    R&D AI/ML Architect

    AI/ML as an Innovation Accelerator in Semiconductor Chemicals R&D

    09 Jul 2024 - FROM 10:30 TO 12:30 UTC-07:00

  5. Helmer Fredrich

    Head of Customer Fulfillment of Electronics

    Panel: Creating a Robust & Resilient Supply Chain

    10 Jul 2024 - FROM 14:20 TO 15:20 UTC-07:00

Diversity Equity and Inclusion & Workforce Development Presentations

  1. Joy Racowski

    Process and Product Development Engineer

    Bridging the Gender Gap through Grassroots Initiatives Led by Women

    09 Jul 2024 - FROM 13:30 TO 13:55 UTC-07:00

  2. Samira Bagheri

    Senior Operations Manager

    Bridging the Gender Gap through Grassroots Initiatives Led by Women


Abstract: Women continue to be underrepresented in many industry roles, hindering diversity and stifling innovation. In response to this challenge, grassroots initiatives have emerged to bridge the gap and foster a more inclusive and empowering work environment.

This session explores the Women's Success Network (WSN), an employee resource group created by EMD Electronics, as well as other initiatives supporting women in semiconductors. 


  1. Francesca Domingo

    Head of University Relations & Talent Strategy

    Panel: Strengthening the Talent Pipeline: The Effectiveness of Rotational Programs

    10 Jul 2024 - FROM 11:00 TO 11:55 UTC-07:00

  2. Anjli Patel

    Research & Development Engineer, Goglobal Graduate

    Panel: Strengthening the Talent Pipeline: The Effectiveness of Rotational Programs


Abstract: The rotational programs serve as a strategic initiative to identify, nurture, and retain top talent. By offering participants the opportunity to gain exposure to various business functions and departments, these programs cultivate a versatile workforce ready to tackle complex challenges. 


  1. Kyle Mouallem

    Digitalization Process Lead of Electronics

    SEMI Student Tour

    11 Jul 2024 - FROM 14:30 TO 15:30 UTC-07:00

  2. Deke Ericson

    Human Resources Business Partner of Electronics

    Flash Mentoring Session for students

    11 Jul 2024 - FROM 16:30 TO 17:30 UTC-07:00

  3. Kyle Mouallem

    Digitalization Process Lead of Electronics

    Flash Mentoring Session for students


Abstract: Design for students to meet with industry professionals for flash mentoring sessions. Four (4) fifteen (15) minute sessions for students to engage with industry. A question bank is provided to students to help facilitate conversations. Sign-up is required.  

20 Under 30 Awards

  1. Richelle Van Horn

    Customer Quality Engineer

    2024 Recipients

  2. Kai Zhang

    Product Engineer

    2024 Recipients

  3. Isaiah Morris

    GoGlobal R&D Engineer

    2024 Recipients

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