#Microbiotiful - A toilet brush

Toilet brushes come into contact with feces, which is where the microbes we found probably originate from. See what we found on our contact plate!

Microbiotiful #5 - A toilet brush
Experiment N. 05
A toilet brush

Yes, they carry plenty of bacteria from a source of ill hygienic repute. And yes, some people avoid having them altogether. But toilet brushes are more of an esthetic issue — you don’t usually touch the brush portion, and as long as the brush isn’t squeezed into a tight containment and doesn’t sit in a puddle, it’s probably not that bad. Most hygiene experts agree that bathrooms, even those with toilets, are generally not as much an issue as kitchens—in particular ones where week-old sponges are used to “wash” the dishes or damp wiping cloths are habitually hung up on the handles of drawers or the oven after each use.  

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