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Podcasts: CES 2020

CES is the world’s gathering place for all of the biggest topics in consumer technologies – AI, 5G, quantum computing, displays, wearables and more. As the company behind the companies, EMD Performance Materials showcased a series of in-booth panels, featuring knowledge experts and their perspectives on some of the biggest tech trends. Curious? Listen in on those panel discussions below or visit our event landing page

  • Episode 1: Advancing Digital Living – from Smart Cities to the most remote places on EarthLearn about how EMD Performance Materials is helping enable innovative solutions towards a more sustainable,  interconnected and more efficient place to live. Kai Beckmann, Gottfried Wastlbauer, and Rory Moore share their perspectives on what they believe our future cities will look like. 
  • Episode 2: Superconduction Quantum Computing: from chips to full systems. Quantum computing is poised to disrupt traditional computing methods and bring the power to tackle large optimization problems. Learn how John Langan, Daniel Franke and John Levy are addressing these challenges.
  • Episode 3: The Future of Displays: What will it bring? Tune in to our podcast where Gottfried WastlbauerSeamus Blackley and Bob O’Brien, share their outlooks on where the brighter, smarter and more colorful future of displays is headed. 
  • Episode 4: Opportunities for Neuromorphic Computing. Learn more about the role neuromorphic computing could play in the future of Artificial Intelligence. John Langan, Owen Lozman and Wei Lui discuss how we are unlocking the potential for nature-based computing.

Podcasts: CES 2019

Are you a curious mind? Quench your thirst for knowledge in our podcast series, Curiosity:

  • Episode 1: Merck and the Science Behind Today's and Tomorrow's Technology - with Anand Nambiar & DongKwan Lee. Learn about EMD Performance Materials, why packaging innovation is a vital component in developing new technologies and what it takes from a business standpoint to change the way we interact with computers and other devices in our daily lives.
  • Episode 2: How to push the boundaries of innovation - with Anand Nambiar & DongKwan Lee. Learn about the unbelievable level of purity and complexity that goes into producing new technologies. Also, what researchers are working on in the semiconductor industry and how the world will look in the future thanks to their efforts.
  • Episode 3: Planning for and Investing in New Technologies - with Owen Lozman. Learn about developing cutting-edge technology - from photonic quantum computing to advanced artificial intelligence. Plus, what is the science behind making driverless cars as safe and reliable as we want them to be.
  • Episode 4: Educating and Innovating for the Future with Sustainable Solutions - with Kai Beckmann, Michele RicksLuiz Vieira. Learn how new technology is being developed to help the environment and our society as a whole, from liquid crystal windows to OLED displays. It’s all part of a commitment to innovation for improving global health, broadening minds, and developing sustainable solutions.
  • Episode 5: Smartphone Technology and the Future of Innovation - with Aldo Orsi & Mansour MoinpourLearn about the dielectrics, metals, and other components from EMD Performance Materials that make your smartphone possible. Plus: the unique challenges of advancing technology on a microscopic level, the future of virtual and augmented reality, and what’s in store for autonomous vehicles.

Semiconductors: A Quiet Revolution

Tune into Future Talk as nanotechnologist Dr. Suman Datta and chemist Dr. Ralph Dammel discuss how semiconductors are driving positive change in many aspects of our lives.



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