GASGUARD® AP11 Upgrade Options

User friendly & significantly faster!


Dollar-for-dollar, with its unique standard and optional features and other value-added advantages, the GASGUARD® AP11 Controller is an essential technology for today’s and tomorrow’s smart 4.0 fabs. The AP11 Controller definitely will make your life easier and save on the cost of ownership. The upgrade is a simple, drop-in replacement for most cabinets.

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Upgrade Your GASGUARD® AP11 Controller:

  1. Platform Design: AP11 is the base platform for future technology advances
  2. Speed/Memory: Highest levels of performance
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Very user friendly with enhanced troubleshooting guide
  4. Reliability Build-In: Added redundancies and performance features added
  5. Added Performance Capabilities. Control and monitoring capabilities added to maximize up-time

You can also download our brochure on GASGUARD® AP11 Upgrade Options.

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