Fab Services

Our MEGASYS® and Total Service Solutions let you focus on what you do best by leaving the gas and chemical supply management to us.

Providing on-site experts to manage your needs

What if you could outsource one of the most important but risky parts of your business to trained experts? Our MEGASYS® Gas and Chemical Services does just this.  

We are the premier supplier of semiconductor fab and sub-fab services to the worldwide electronics industry, as part of a global operations infrastructure. We do this by working safely, executing flawlessly, and adding value to advanced semiconductor facilities. We offer engineering solutions, maintenance activities and coordination of chemical, gas and advanced materials. We also provide gas equipment installation and commissioning, smart factory services, and safety training assessment - to your facility. 

The safe and reliable handling of gases and chemicals is crucial to the manufacturing of semiconductors. MEGASYS® offers long-term management of gas and chemical operations, with highly trained, expert technicians. 

Through this partnership with our customers, we provide:  

  • Strong safety culture 
  • Total gas and chemical management at a customer site 
  • Gas cabinet maintenance & cylinder changes 
  • Chemical system maintenance & drum/tote changes 
  • Management of bulk gas offload, sampling & COC management and much more! 

MEGASYS® and Field Services

... support complex gas and chemical operations globally with highly skilled project managers, master technicians, and access to world-class subject matter experts in both materials and equipment.

MEGASYS® Services - Longer term customer site operation of Gas and Chemical Operations

  • Cylinder and Container Changes
  • Equipment and Facilities Systems Maintenance
  • Safety Programs, Materials inventory management; quality assurance
  • Contract based services  with emphasis on long term relationship

Field Services - Aftermarket support of Equipment at mostly non-MEGASYS® customer sites 

  • Commissioning / Equipment Maintenance
  • Field upgrades and repairs / Sale and install of replacement parts
  • Support MEGASYS on more technical upgrades or repairs
  • Startup of new factories and large project management

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