Intermolecular® accelerates material innovation

Intermolecular is our material innovation engine enabled by unique combinatorial technology.

Semiconductor Industry Challenge

The push for innovation in the semiconductor space is relentless and resulting in an exceptionally increasing complexity of semiconductor devices. The complexity is visible in several aspects: the cost for developing the next generation of device – also called ‘node’ - is exploding. Similarly, the number of different materials used on a chip is increasing dramatically as well. To escape from this trend, companies are looking at co-optimization of device design, processes, and materials.  

Our Solution

Anticipating this paradigm shift, we acquired Intermolecular, Inc. in 2019 – a state-of-the-art materials research facility in the heart of Silicon Valley. For more than 10 years, Intermolecular team has been innovating in the field of microelectronic materials in the areas such as logic applications, ferroelectronics, quantum computing, memory applications, and other. Using this additional application insight and testing capability, we are offering unique ‘modules’ solutions: optimized material sets that span a few process steps at the customer.

Our breakthrough: accelerate materials innovation cycle

Our custom, in-house developed processing tools allow us to test our materials in combination and quickly prove and demonstrate the functionality of these new stacks. Our customers have welcomed this new combined capability as the initial projects we have successfully proven its effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, the customers have asked us to further expand these ‘modules’ solutions to cover more processing steps.
For example, we can design and develop better materials system across deposition, planarization and cleans through Intermolecular’s unique combinatorial technology and electrical characterization. By increasing the speed, quality, depth and breadth of materials understanding, we can accelerate materials innovation cycle and offer better device integration possibilities.

Global Impact

Each new generation of semiconductors unlocks new power for the way we communicate, understand data, and interact with the world around us. Our relentless material innovation translates to device evolutions that touch the daily lives of people across the globe. We are advancing digital living through our commitment to build electronics from the atom up.