Béatrice Greco

Head of R&D and Access, Global Health Institute


Béatrice is responsible for the R&D and Access strategy of the Global Health Institute, and for steering and advancing the pipeline. She drives dialogues with key stakeholders to define new mechanisms for equitable and sustainable access to innovations for neglected tropical diseases.  She also drives exchanges with experts in the field of infectious diseases, defining partnerships and collaborations as well as identifying funding opportunities for the Institute.  

Beatrice has over 25-year experience in academia and industrial translational drug discovery and development with a strong background in neurological therapeutic areas. She has held several managerial positions and led a number of preclinical development programs. She is also the co-founder of EspeRare, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to develop new therapeutic options for patients suffering from rare diseases.

Beatrice has studied neurosciences at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, she holds a Ph.D. from Emory University (USA) that was followed by a post-doctoral position and an assistant professor position at the University Medical School of Massachusetts (MA, USA).