Jutta Reinhard-Rupp

Head of the Global Health Institute

Béatrice Greco

Head of R&D and Access

Rana Afshar

Global Health Project Manager

Benjamin Dälken

Global Program Head

Mireille Gomes

Head of Digital Global Health

Jessica Juillard

Operation Coordination

Sven Lindemann

Project Management

Sophie Magro-Erdös

Senior Administrative Assistant

James Mulry

Head of Global Health Diagnostics

Claude Oeuvray

Head of Global Health Development Program

Joseph Okebe

Clinical Lead and Medical Responsible

Thomas Spangenberg

Head of Global Health Open Innovation & Drug Discovery

Claudia Cecalupo

Senior Consultant IKU Consulting (external)

Claudia Demarta-Gatsi

Global Health Research Scientist (external)

Delalih Manteau

Global Health Project Manager (external)