Great success of our Innovation Summer School: From ideas to Innovation projects


The promise from us was clear: If an idea is viable and meaningful for our company´s innovation strategy, it can become an Innovation Project. 11 international PHD and Master’s students from top universities selected for this program took up the challenge and now we can celebrate their success.

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30 SEP 2019

This June, the very first Innovation Summer School intake gave students a unique opportunity to attend the 3-month program at our Innovation Center. Together, these bright sparks were tasked with exploring new business opportunities within our Innovation Fields and ideating on them. And, what were the results? From the three ideas developed by the teams, we are proud to announce that the jury selected two of them, for the Inception phase as innovation projects! The third team had a great idea that needs further development and the students involved will have another opportunity to pitch to Inception in the near future.

For the first 6 weeks of the program, the teams worked through onboarding, training, ideation and research, developing and selecting their most viable ideas. Once their best ideas had been selected, the students spent the second half of the program developing them into business models and then into innovation concepts.

These experts shared insights and helped them integrate know-how that could lead to the creation of true startups.  

In the end, the jury selected these ideas for the Inception project phase, which means that the teams received seed-funding as support for the projects that the teams will have the chance to further develop and shape their ideas into a strong initial business plan at the Innovation Center during the upcoming months!

Please join us in congratulating all three teams! We are excited and extremely proud of the high engagement and learnings from the very first Innovation Summer School.  

To see how an idea develops over the months was very exciting and now in the end, we have a really elaborated idea

Watch the video below to hear what students say about the program:

Are you excited about the Innovation Summer School, and would like to participate in the next intake in 2020? Then stay tuned! Applications for one of the world’s most innovative intrapreneurship programs will open in the last quarter of 2019!


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