INURU's Big Bang Moment: the Future is Looking Bright

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10 SEP 2017


We spoke to Marcin Ratajczak, CEO and co-founder of INURU, about the progress the company has made since it first joined our Accelerator program.

We spoke to Marcin Ratajczak, CEO and co-founder of INURU, about the progress the company has made since it first joined our Accelerator programme.

Officially founded in January 2016 following the initial conception of their idea back in 2012, INURU was at a relatively mature stage in its development when it joined our Accelerator in March this year. Nevertheless, in our chat with Marcin Ratajczak, the CEO and co-founder of INURU, we heard all about how INURU has continued to go from strength to strength under the guidance of the Accelerator’s network of experts.

An Idea that sparked a product

Telling us about INURU’s concept of paper that lights up, Marcin Ratajczak describes how this light-up paper can communicate information and video content to make everyday objects smarter, illuminating them to create a product that could transform the world of advertising. The science behind INURU’s magically illuminating paper is ground-breaking; using the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) as its basis, INURU has developed a way to print ultra-thin, environmentally friendly, illuminating paper that can be easily integrated into any type of object. While OLEDs are typically created under lab conditions following a complex process involving a vacuum and evaporation, INURU has revolutionised production methods with its development of inks that allow standard industry printing heads to manufacture OLEDs under normal atmospheric conditions.


A boost to profits

According to Marcin Ratajczak, joining the Accelerator has allowed INURU to realize the full potential of their product: “the advice we gained from those at the Accelerator has been incredibly useful. Their expertise gave us a much deeper insight into the field of performance materials, and helped us to gauge how valuable our technology really is.” Listing INURU’s core strengths; namely the brightness, flexibility, and environmental sustainability of their product, as well as its accessibility, thanks to INURU’s range of special inks, Ratajczak comments on how the Accelerator has helped INURU to consider these in the development of its business model. Ratajczak notes that guidance from the team at the Accelerator has undoubtedly helped INURU to pursue their business model, and remarks on how receptive the market has proven to be, “the Accelerator network has allowed us to reach customers on a very wide scale, taking us to a whole new level that we would otherwise not have been able to come close to.” Indeed, Ratajczak explains that INURU’s turnover revenue has steadily grown since joining the Accelerator, adding, “INURU has attracted a lot of attention, with many more orders being made. The Accelerator has really helped us to broaden our horizons.”





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