LifeBank’s #BigBangMoment: Launching a New Product

Publish Date

15 AUG 2018


The Accelerator is delighted to announce LifeBank’s #BigBangMoment with the successful launch of their new product! Using an innovative app, LifeBank collates inventory information from thousands of medical suppliers to ease the supply chain and delivery process of vital medical resources.

The Accelerator is delighted to announce LifeBank’s #BigBangMoment with the successful launch of their new product! Using an innovative app, LifeBank collates inventory information from thousands of medical suppliers to ease the supply chain and delivery process of vital medical resources. 

Temie Giwa-Tubosun founded the startup back in 2016 and joined the sixth round of the Accelerator earlier this year. Since then, LifeBank has continued to grow and succeed: with 1626 lives already saved through the use of its app, LifeBank has been working closely with us and at the end of their acceleration period, launched the SmartBag Tag - a blockchain-powered product, that records the safety records of blood and blood products.  

One of their products is an app that determines which medication is available where and enables delivery for pick-up. For both patients and suppliers, such as hospitals and pharmacies, this means saving valuable time in gaining access to essential and life-saving medical products. As LifeBank’s CEO and Founder Temie Giwa-Tubosun explains, it is mainly the use of technology that enables them to make such significant differences in the medical infrastructure of developing countries: “Without technology, we would not be able to quickly collect and process inventory information. The existence of LifeBank’s donor app means we can mobilize our 5,000-people strong voluntary donor community to attend a blood drive or donate blood in emergencies.”


Simply by scanning the SmartBag, hospitals can access details relating to the donation, collection, screening, storage, and delivery procedures involved in the blood and blood components transfused into their patients. This high-tech system has been adapted to suit the Nigerian landscape through its combination with low tech solutions such as feature phones.  For healthcare providers without access to smartphones, computers or the internet, this means that information is accessible on simple feature phones through USSD short codes. Giwa-Tubosun is excited about the new possibilities our company has created for LifeBank’s SmartBag: the Global Accelerator Program, especially its product development classes, has provided us with the guidance, insights and resources we needed to improve SmartBag. These sessions also helped us develop a go-to-market strategy that has been instrumental in pitching our product to prospective partners and clients."


LifeBank Looking to the Future

Having already used their app to serve 380 hospitals and save 1626 lives, launching the new SmartBag product means LifeBank can offer even more services to patients across Nigeria. The new product could be especially useful in the fight against HIV, as Nigeria is home to 9% of the global population living with HIV and has the second largest HIV disease burden in the world, with 3.2 million infected people. Between 5-15% of new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa can be attributed to unsafe blood transfusions. LifeBank’s founder, Giwa-Tubosun explains how the SmartBag Tag can help: “We believe ensuring transparency around the processes involved in the supply of blood will lead to accountability, and will prompt blood banks to use more rigorous testing techniques such as enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) over rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). The resulting increase in blood safety standards will reduce the rate of new HIV infections caused by blood transfusion.”Thanks to this #BigBangMoment, the Accelerator startup is now a step closer towards improving access to safe health supplies and achieving its mission to save millions of lives. We are very pleased to keep supporting LifeBank throughout its further development stages and can’t wait to see its impact on healthcare in Nigeria.


Joining the Accelerator 2019

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