Reimagining Innovation on a Global Scale

Publish Date

21 AUG 2019


Innovation Center wins a bronze Stevie® Award in the International Business Awards® program

Imagine you are reinventing the entire innovation process in a vibrant global science and technology company with 52,000 employees that work in healthcare, life science and performance materials. How do you ensure effective collaboration across these separate sectors? How do you build businesses beyond your current scope of operation? And how do you make innovation more agile on a global scale?  

The Innovation Center delivered inspiring answers to these questions and was now awarded with a bronze International Business Awards® in the category “Most Innovative Company of the Year - More Than 2,500 Employees”. 

The Stevie® International Business Awards honor organizations that demonstrate a high level of achievement in a variety of industries. A total of more than 4,000 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry across 74 nations were submitted. 

Judges commented:
“Amazing you've pulled off a process that yields MVPs [minimal viable products] in action and multiple innovation projects in the works within a large corporation!” 

Examples of projects include:  

“It’s fantastic to see a well rounded approach to foster a culture of innovation within a large organisation. These are significant achievements well done!” 

The Innovation Center empowers internal and external entrepreneurs to build next generation businesses beyond the company’s current scope. It provides a protected yet open
global ecosystem within our corporate structure that successfully bridges the gap between startup-style agility, and the complexity of a multinational corporation. Creating it involved challenging existing structures and processes, and replacing them with more flexible approaches. The payoff: Simplified worldwide collaboration that pushes the boundaries of our business. 

Thanks to all contributors who help us every day to grow ideas and scale up to viable new business beyond our current scope! 

For more details on our approach and a virtual tour, click here.

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