Healthcare Strategy

In Healthcare we are driven by our purpose “To help create, improve and prolong lives – as one for patients”. Our ambition is to continue to grow as a Global Specialty Innovator. Global because we continue to develop and deliver our therapies around the world. Specialty because we solve high unmet medical needs with specialty medicines, focused on complex or rare chronic conditions. And Innovator, because we are on the frontlines, developing ground-breaking solutions, offering new hope to patients.

To further grow in this role, we pursue a Focused Leadership approach based on a strong foundation, aiming for leadership where we are strong and focusing on key innovations with the aim of being first-in-class or best-in class with the medicines we develop to bring meaningful value to patients.

To realize our ambition, we’ve created a balanced portfolio:

  • In Oncology, Neurology and Immunology, and Fertility we support patients with unmet medical needs. This part of our portfolio constitutes our Specialty business with a high growth future.
  • In our core business Cardiovascular, Metabolism & Endocrinology we offer solutions for treatments in Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Thyroids, and Endocrinology. With this portfolio we build on a strong position as a global leader and will continue to grow sustainably in areas where patients rely on us.