Our customer value proposition is anchored in delivering on ’the Fundamentals’. Quality, Supply Reliability, Health & Safety are our priorities. They are essential to everything that we do.


Quality is a part of our DNA. For over 350 years, we’ve delivered consistent quality to solve the world’s most advanced manufacturing challenges. To realize our purpose of advancing digital living, we execute at the highest level of quality standards to enable our customers’ success.

Excellence in quality is achieved through collaboration along the value chain. Looking beyond material specifications, our ambition is to understand your manufacturing challenges and fine-tune our processes to maximize performance and stability of your operations. We expect the same from our supplier base.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures our standard of zero defects is applied consistently and globally to all processes and products. All Electronics sites are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Audits, inspections, changes, deviations, customer requests, corrective and preventive actions are managed by applying our global QMS.

We take care in every step of the process, from raw material to the final product. We prioritize our commitment to quality across the broadest levels and the finest details. Facilitated by advanced data analytics, we consistently deliver materials of the highest standards while continuously improving our processes. Cutting-edge analytical technology and data analytics help us identify correlation and causation and solve the most challenging problems. Moreover, we continuously invest into digitalization of our sites enabling a modular production of innovative electronic materials.

Supply Reliability

With a team of experts across the globe, we utilize local manufacturing and an international logistics network to efficiently deliver our products throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. Our network enables our products to be positioned in local warehouses and be shipped promptly when an order is placed. Our local presence enables us to act with urgency and collaborate closely with your teams. Meanwhile, our global network provides security. In the event of a disruption, our global supply chain has built-in redundancy that allows us to divert demand to an alternative supply location. Our global reach and international shipping capabilities allow us to optimize our manufacturing network and reliably supply your operations with materials, systems, and services.

We utilize a model-based approach to risk assessment and mitigation across the whole value chain to ensure the supply chain's reliability and capability to act fast. This includes close control of safety stocks to prepare for supply and demand variations according to your needs. While inventory management allows us to mitigate supply shortages, monitoring external factors helps us to predict challenges and mitigate risks that could impact supply in other ways. Managing and understanding tariffs, international regulations, and compliance standards are part of our everyday processes. We closely monitor geopolitical circumstances and transportation flow, such as inbound and outbound port traffic, to quickly adjust our transportation routes as needed and keep our materials flowing.

We employ the highest level of safety and regulatory compliance in transporting and storing our materials. We have the experience and capability to manage the most sensitive materials and ensure the products are delivered safely. Smart tracking and monitoring systems provide valuable information along the supply chain. Our track and trace system provides input to our customers on last-leg changes in the order’s delivery date. We are committed to delivering on our promises and utilizing our expertise, reach, and advanced logistics to optimize our supply reliability.  

Health and Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of our values. Safety plays a fundamental role in our business decisions and forms part of our strategy. It is our responsibility for current and future generations to maintain and continually improve our occupational health and safety performance and support the individual health and well-being of our employees. We fully recognize our responsibility for minimizing environmental impacts and safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, and visitors. 

Our culture of safety flows into all our internal practices, from R&D labs to materials transport. We strive for zero incidents. We seek to minimize process hazards wherever possible to avoid workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, production outages, and chemical spills. We tirelessly work to identify, eliminate, and control health and safety risks across our global operations. To continuously gauge our safety performance and practices, we utilize our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) performance indicators. 

Our Basic Safety Process (BSP), the foundation of our safety culture, covers activities to get people actively engaged in the safety aspects of their jobs. Our technicians, for example, need to be on the lookout for potential hazards and help correct those hazards to prevent injuries. At the supervisor level, they need to ensure their teams are operating safely. Senior leadership is responsible for the safety of their entire teams, from the supervisors down to the technicians, actively engaging them in our efforts. Moreover, employees worried about their health or safety are encouraged to use our global SpeakUp Line. Employees are encouraged to “stop the job” and temporarily step back from work until it is safe to continue working.

Fully acknowledging our responsibility to protect the environment, we are pursuing measurable sustainability goals, such as achieving climate neutrality by 2040, through process improvements, energy conservation, and waste reduction.

We are compliant with all laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we do business. We believe that by working safely every day, we pass safety, sustainability, and reliability on to our customers.