#Microbiotiful - Under the nails

Under our nails, various microorganisms can be found. Do you recognize any of the ones we found on our contact plate?

Microbiotiful #10 - Under the nails
Experiment N. 10
Under the nails

Microbes love it in the warm, moist, and sheltered rim under your fingernails, and there’s plenty of grime and dead cells to feed on. The longer your fingernails, the more the bacteria, molds, and yeasts you are likely to harbor there. Even if you keep them short, you’ll never remove all the microorganisms, no matter how thoroughly you wash your hands or scrub your nails. That said, the composition of species tends to be very similar to that on the surface of your hand, so there’s no reason to be overly worried if you wash your hands and cut your fingernails regularly. 

Microbes observed