Integrated Solutions

By offering integrated materials solutions, we offer best practices of the key modules required to transition technology ideas to high-volume manufacturing and can help solve your challenges more quickly.

Integrated materials solution
We help reduce the high investment costs, lower the risks by leveraging key learnings, optimizing products, and thereby solve your challenges more quickly.
  • Customize to your needs

    We can customize for specific needs and optimize time to market, and re-use certain processes for improved efficiency, productivity and total cost of ownership.
  • Develop advanced nodes

    We remove internal steps and accelerate the time to develop advanced technology nodes and novel architectures.
  • 3D NAND challenge

    One example of integrated materials solutions is how we can address process integration challenges associated with increased memory density for 3D NAND.
  • Deeper holes Chanllenges

    To increase memory density you need deeper holes. And you must overcome 3 key challenges.
  • The result

    We co-optimize 2 processes (deposition & etching) to develop a better, faster solution. And the result is deeper, cleaner, straighter holes for increasing memory for 3D NAND.

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