Digital Solutions

We are committed to delivering Digital Solutions to accelerate semiconductor innovation.

Digital Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

We apply advanced analytics methods to design and optimize our products in R&D, Quality, and High Volume Manufacturing while ensuring data security in our sensitive environments.  We develop and scale digital solutions to serve our customer's needs. 

Our Ideal Ramp

Unlock the power of Data & Analytics

Our approach starts at the production level, which is at the center of the supply chain, interacting with customers and partners. We gain learnings from the use of the right technology or system and then adapt and scale as needed. This also helps to accelerate new material development in the future as we transfer the learnings in R&D in a systematic way periodically.

Data sharing & analytics
Automated Data Sharing & Analytics Workflow
Standardized Templates for Model Overview, Training, Analysis, Handover to SMEs

Accelerate Data Sharing & Analytics via automated workflows on platform:

● Scalability: Standardized templates enable efficient and systematic evaluation

● Speed: Train hundreds of Machine Learning Models in weeks

● Impact: Validate hypotheses in only weeks instead of months

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Learning Cycles
Real-time Quality Monitoring
Real-time Quality Monitoring
We develop predictive quality control systems by using hybrid modeling. Deployment of hybrid models as digital twin in synthesis and purification units enables real-time process monitoring and control for robust quality.

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