OLED Materials – Thin, Flexible, Breathtaking

The organic light-emitting diode technology is the new paradigm in displays. OLED Materials allow for flexible, printable, wearable, transparent, and free-form displays.

Industry challenge for OLED Materials

The organic nature of the materials making up the OLED stack is not only a key enabler for these amazingly thin and flexible use cases, but also a key challenge for actually building consumer devices.
Sensitive to both high temperature steps during display production as well as electric stress during operation, OLED materials must be precision engineered at the atomic level to build reliable devices for everyday use.

Our Solution brings together precision engineering and production

In pairing our precision engineering and production with our breakthrough innovations, we deliver even challenging technologies with the highest levels of purity and reliability.

Our scientists work closely with our customers and have been at the very forefront of OLED innovation for many years. From simulation and custom engineering of individual OLED molecular properties to optimization of full OLED stacks. Our ability to deliver OLED innovation is second to none. 

Our Breakthrough

Our OLED Hole Transport Materials (HTM), for example, have become an essential enabler for large scale OLED TV. With our high performance HTM molecules for mass production, our customer successfully commercialized the world’s 1st OLED TV in the market.​ 

We design these high-performance hole transporting molecules by simulation from the atomic level of molecules to the performance of the full OLED stack. HTM delivers breakthrough efficiency as well as longer lifetime by steering charge flows across the OLED stack; all while also ensuring easy processability during production.

Global Impact of OLED Materials

In a world where display technologies connect, inform and excite us, quality and capability matter. Our advanced OLED materials are redefining the standards for displays. Enabling thinner, flexible, and free-form displays can change the way we all interact with each other and our world. OLED Materials are another outstanding example of how we are transforming electronics atom by atom.