Special Effect Pigments

New innovations, new possibilities

Special Effect Pigments Industry challenge

The automotive, manufacturing, and cosmetic industries are constantly looking for new effects and new ways to create more eye-catching products. To be successful, they need to understand and anticipate or even set market trends with innovative market-leading products.  

Our Solution: experience and excellence

As leaders in our field, we are ideally positioned to help customers looking for unique solutions. Together, we can explore new possibilities with effects that have never been achieved before.

Using decades of experience and excellence in the innovation of color effect pigments, we are pushing the limits of science to create new solutions. This sets us apart from the competition and helps our customers see things differently and make the most of new opportunities.

Meeting the needs of our customer is crucial. We are committed to offering innovative products backed by excellent support and specialist expertise. We don’t rely on experience alone. Our dedication to research and development, backed by advanced analytics, leaves us with market leading insights that help to keep our customers ahead of the curve.  

Our special effect pigments breakthrough

Xirallic®, Xirona® and Colorstream® brands are just three examples of product innovations from our ranges for automotive coatings and color cosmetics. They have generated exceptional customer demand by not only being perfectly on trend but also demonstrating our highest level of expertise. All this is only made possible by the extraordinary customer commitment and collaborative teamwork of our people.

Global Impact with Continued Innovation

With relentless curiosity, we bring vibrancy and innovative expression to the world. Our special effect pigments allow individuals to express their identity and aesthetic in every part of their lives from automobiles to makeup. We are committed to purity, continued innovation and making the world more beautiful.