M Ventures

Our strategic corporate venture capital fund invests globally in transformational ideas driven by great entrepreneurs. Last year we doubled the fund size to enable investments beyond the Healthcare field.

Calling all industry disruptors, dreamers and innovators

We drive innovation and back entrepreneurs through equity investments and hands-on support in fields that could impact our current and future business. Between our Amsterdam headquarters and American and Israeli offices, our Corporate Ventures team has €600 million under management across four fields: Healthcare, Life Science, Electronics and New Businesses.

Each M Ventures specialty team facilitates their own field’s seed-stage company creation, early-stage syndicated investments, and spin-off creation and funding.

While M Ventures is formally separated from our business by a “Chinese Wall,” it has a clear strategic mandate: to invest in innovative technologies and products with the potential to positively affect our core business areas in the time frame of a venture investment.

Jasper Bos Jasper Bos

“We admire entrepreneurs for their ability to turn science, technology and groundbreaking ideas into real products that improve patient’s lives, disrupt industries or change the way we live. With the funding we provide comes our unrelenting commitment and energy to help transform your vision into one of tomorrow’s greatest ideas.”

Hakan Goker

Head of Biotechnology Investments (HC and LS)

From innovation to success

We take an active role in our portfolio companies and team them up with entrepreneurs and co-investors to help them translate innovation into commercial success. Where necessary, team members will take on operational roles, such as interim CEO or roles in business development or financing, until the new company is ready to be self-sufficient. M Ventures offers the benefits of an active and experienced early-stage investor together with access to the research, development and commercial resources of a leading science and technology company. 

We want to make sure the visionaries we’ve found see their visions through to reality. Find out how we intend to do that and get to know our team on our website.

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