Bringing Cultured Meat on the agenda of Gen Z

Publish Date

13 OCT 2020


As consumers, the Generation Z is a crucial target group for cultured meat companies. At Sondersland, a virtual talent festival in Spain, we discussed the relevance and state of cell-based meat with curious and engaged young talents.

A team of researchers from Australia recently shared some interesting results from their survey of “Generation Z” – those born in the year 1995 and beyond – on their perceptions and opinions about cultured meat. Despite stated concerns about the environment and animal welfare, 72% of the 227 respondents indicated they are not ready to accept cultured meat.

In the light of this, cultured meat companies actively foster the dialogue with the Generation Z. And so do our colleagues from the Silicon Valley Innovation Hub: Lavanya Anandan, head of the Clean Meat Innovation Field, recently spoke about our endeavors in the area of cultured meat at Sondersland, a global talent festival that connects and inspires young people to improve the world we live in. During the event, dozens of speakers from all over the world share their work on projects with high social impact.

“Sondersland provided us with an excellent opportunity to educate young people about the positive impact culture meat can have on our lives and the environment,” said Lavanya Anandan. “This generation will be critical to drive widespread adoption of cultured meat.”

Lavanya’s talk at Sondersland is only available outside the US and Canada due to trademark reasons. If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to or check out one of Lavanaya’s other talks about cultured meat here.