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After almost 24 hours of continuous work, the teams pitched their ideas in front of the plenum and a jury, who had the difficult task to select the best three out of the 15 presentations.

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14 JAN 2017

After almost 24 hours of continuous work, the teams pitched their ideas in front of the plenum and a jury, who had the difficult task to select the best three out of the 15 presentations.

December 2 – 3, 2016, Darmstadt

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany hosted its second Hackathon in Darmstadt on December 2nd and 3rd at the Innovation Center in Darmstadt. The two day event brought college and graduates students from a wide array of fields together to ideate, innovate, connect and solve challenges provided by our business.



This years challenges included:

  1. Creating methods for understanding Consumer Behavior
  2. Increasing the Shelf Life of Food
  3. Facilitating Human-Robot Interaction in Healthcare
  4. Improving the the employee Onboarding Experience
  5. Use cases for Amazon Alexa as personal assistant
  6. Integrating Augmented Reality into a customer’s product experience
  7. Redesigning methods of long-distance face-to-face interactions
  8. Creating new use cases for the famous Periodic Table of Elements (PTE) App developed by our company


And the Winner is...

The first prize was awarded to Niklas Danz, Lauritz Kramberger-Kaplan, Matheus Vitti Santos and Tobias Brudermüller who presented a high sophisticated augmented reality prototype to showcase 3D modelled devices of our products to customers. The second price was given to “MESO”-App” team (Nemish Mehta, Peyman Tavakolfar, Qiujie Zhang & Thomas Kosiewski) who build a solution to “MEet SOmeone” you don’t yet know but who might match your personal interests. The third prize went to Martin Lichtblau, Mekong Lam & Tabea Fieker who build a solution for “Consumer Behavior Visualization” using anomalies in big data search.

An extra Innovation Center “Curiosity Award” was handed out to Benjamin Faust, Lisa-Marie Rosendorff, Paras Dedhia and Tanmay Nath to acknowledge their thinking forward to make the periodic table of elements a real haptic experience.

Andreas Schindler, the initiator of Hackathons concluded: “It’s such an amazing experience to see what diverse groups are able to achieve. Most of the team members did not even know each other, they were unaware about the challenges and most of them were no experts in this area of business. The solutions they provided within this 24 hours were mind-blowing”.

Fabian Wahl, one of the Mentors added: “It was such a pleasure mentoring not only my team but also helping on others – all teams were collaboratively working together. This was my 2nd Hackathon – it’s amazing how well all was organized”.

Adriana Villaran, one of the participants send a feedback right after the Hackathon: “Thank you for the great opportunity you gave us! We learnt a lot about the company and now we have a taste of how you work and develop the company. Let me say now am I so much more curious about everything than before. I hope one day can we also contribute to you not just with ideas but also with our skills.”

To share all these great ideas and concept within our company, a Hackathon reunion event will be hosted on Jan 26th, 2017 at 5 pm the Innovation Center. All participants will be invited to present their achievements to a broader community and to assess which topics might be followed up in the future.



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