Michael Schulte

It is my strong believe that the most practical ideas are born by bringing together small pieces from different minds.


The downstream processing including the chromatography of biopharmaceutical compounds has to make sure that the drugs administered to patients are of high quality and consistency. It is the key challenge to remove all side components or impurities, which could create allergic reactions or side effects. As a multitude of different compounds can be found in the initial cell culture harvest the chromatographic steps have to show a certain spectrum of interaction. In modern production processes two maximum three chromatographic steps are present to ensure an economic production, therefore these two or three chromatographic resins have to be designed with carefully to fulfill all the separation task, which are necessary to produce safe medicines. 

My vision for the future of our company is to play a leading role in all the future therapies to come. For new drug concepts, e.g. gene therapies or nucleic acid treatments new purification schemes have to be developed. These purification steps need to be efficient as well as economic to ensure a broad use of novel therapeutic approaches, which are today often still associated with prohibitive costs. It would be wonderful, if we can help bringing the therapies to market due to our knowledge in the design of materials, which remove impurities or concentrate the target compounds. 

Helping a little bit to fight diseases which are today still difficult to cure is my main motivation. The main source of ideas is talking to each other in an open and constructive way. You need a lot of trust in a team to make sure that ideas, which first may sound crazy will be born, discussed and developed further. It is my strong believe that the most practical ideas are born by bringing together small pieces from different minds. 

I was working during my Ph.D. work for 4 month in the labs of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany due to a cooperation my professor had with them. This was in the 1990s, when it was a great challenge to find out the effects of the enantiomers of a chiral drugs. Enantiomers are compounds of one single drug substance which only differ in their geometrical orientation but not in there composition. The group in Münster, where I did my PhD work, did extensive research e.g. on the effects of the Thalidomide (Contergan) enantiomers trying to figure out, what caused the teratogenic effects. When I started to work at our company I was working on a novel type of a cardiovascular drug, which also exhibit strong differences of its enantiomers.

It is my strong believe that the most practical ideas are born by bringing together small pieces from different minds.

Michael Schulte

Responsible for research in the field of purification of very complex pharma. molecules


Joined Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany: 1995

Key research fields and topics:

  • Chromatographic purification
  • Synthesis of porous particles and membranes
  • Synthesis and use of ionic liquids
  • Synthesis of fuel cell membranes
  • Synthesis and application of cosmetic ingredients and drug excipients

CV & Scientific activities



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