Sustainable Solutions

We want to support our customers in being as sustainable as possible. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce the ecological footprint of our products.

Products that protect the Planet

We are experts in the fields of science and technology. And we use our expertise to improve the sustainability balance of our products as well as to develop new solutions that support our customers in reducing their environmental impact. For example, windows that can be darkened in a matter of seconds are now a reality, thanks to our liquid crystal window (LCW) technology. These darkened windows regulate the heat generated by direct sunlight. New estimates based on planned customer projects show that this technology can lower the energy consumed by building climate control systems and lighting by up to 10%, thereby replacing conventional shading.

Dedicated to the environment

We are continuously working on making our company as well as our products more sustainable. This provides benefits to our customers – and to the environment.

Planning ahead

Through our Design for Sustainability (DfS) program we begin looking into the possible impacts of our Life Science products as early as the design process stage, so that they can be addressed before production even begins. This way we get a head start at reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and water as well as emissions and waste – across the entire life cycle of our products.

A bright idea

Did you know that you probably touch crystals everyday? When you swipe your fingers across the screen of your mobile device, you are setting into motion liquid crystal molecules. And they were probably made by us.

We have developed a technology that reduces the power consumption of smartphones and tablets by up to 30%. This protects the environment, but also brings benefits to the person using the device. Not only do the crystals extend battery life, they also produce better image quality.

And here’s how it works: Let's say you are watching a video on a display with the brightness turned all the way up. This may account for around half of a mobile device's power consumption. This is where our liquid crystal technology – known as UB-FFS – comes into play. UB is short for “ultra-brightness” and refers to the ability of the liquid crystal layer to transmit up to 15% more backlighting. This extra light is used to provide better image resolution, save energy and improve display quality. It even makes it easier to read the screen from different angles. Find out more about our work for the Display industry here.

Most solvents are not particularly eco-friendly and are subject to increasingly stringent regulatory restrictions. To address these issues, we have joined forces with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York (United Kingdom) to launch a “greener” solvent called Cyrene™. This solvent is more environmentally sustainable and safer to use than conventional options. Bio-derived from rapidly renewable raw materials, it is manufactured from waste cellulose.

Learn more

We strive to enhance the sustainability footprint of our products. Take, for example, our SMASH Packaging strategy for Life Science. The strategy is built on optimizing resources, using more sustainable materials and designing for a circular economy.

Read more in our CR report


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