Evaluating sustainability – Sustainable Business Value

In order to assess the sustainability of our products, technologies and business activities, our company has developed Sustainable Business Value, a tool that enables us to calculate and evaluate our positive and negative impacts on society.
The Sustainable Business Value quantifies all impacts in monetary terms, examining seven dimensions across our entire value chain. In 2022, we have further developed the methodology. The focus of the SBV assessment is on the impact on the environment, the benefits for consumers, socioeconomic aspects as well as societal enablement. Furthermore, ethical aspects, digitization and governance can also be considered in the analysis.

What does this mean in concrete terms? Find out more in our research article on the subject.

Sustainable Business Value: 4 dimensions

A green chemistry evaluator

Our goal is to make research as environmentally compatible as possible and to minimize adverse impacts on human health. Therefore, we developed different inhouse evaluation tools.

With GreenSpeed automates the sustainability evaluation of our chemical products during manufacturing, which enables us to find sustainable production methods. It records sustainability key figures such as water intensity, solvent intensity, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and others. The estimation of CO2 emissions is based on the Process Mass Intensity (PMI), which is the total amount of resources consumed to produce 1 kg of finished product.

Moreover, we examine ur products and processes to see where and how we can apply the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, thereby reducing our ecological footprint. Our award-winning web-based tool DOZN™ enables us to evaluate how our products are performing in three categories, namely “improving resource use”, “more efficient use of energy”, and “minimizing human and environmental hazards”. The system calculates a score based on a variety of data such as Globally Harmonized System (GHS) information. This allows us to identify the substances that increase a product’s ecological footprint and then systematically search for an alternative.

DOZN™ is an industry-first quantitative green chemistry evaluation tool. Available in a customer-facing version since 2019, it allows our customers to calculate the green scores of their processes and products so that they can make more environmentally friendly decisions. Around 1,500 active users are registered from universities to government institutions and B2C companies.  

The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • Smart and green

    Our products are helping tackle global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity.
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  • High-tech and sustainable

    Science and technology are at the heart of everything we do, driving innovations that enable us to contribute to a sustainable future.
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  • Protecting environment

    We are working to reduce our emissions and treat natural resources such as water in a respectful manner.
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