Our Approach for a Roadmap to Phase out Animal Testing

Roadmap means that the right things need to be done first, not that we can solve everything today.

We are still dependent on animal testing in many areas of our work today. As we understand the evolving landscape of science and the ethical responsibilities that accompany it, we strive to develop safe and effective medicines and products without the use of animals. There is no one-size-fits-all replacement for animal testing, but the range of animal testing applications is very diverse. We firmly believe that we should focus on what we can already achieve today and not block progress by focusing the discussion on what we do not yet have solutions for.   

With this mindset, we introduce our approach of thinking simple to arrive at an actionable roadmap for phasing out animal testing. This strategy involves categorizing all animal testing into three distinct baskets. These baskets serve as a basis for drawing up plans and investment decisions on the way to increase animal-free research.

Basket 1:
Mature Alternatives

Animal testing purposes for which alternative technologies have already been developed or which are not scientifically necessary.

Immediate Action: Implementation of plans to end these animal experiments as quickly as possible. Possible hurdles: Global acceptance by regulatory authorities and customers.

Basket 2:
Developing Alternatives

Animal testing purposes for which there are concrete ideas and hypothesis for the development of alternative methods.

Short-Term Action: Prioritize these areas for Research and Development (R&D) investment, aiming to accelerate the development and implementation of viable alternative solutions.

Basket 3:
Innovation Space

Animal testing, for which there is still no approach as to how it could be replaced by non-animal methods. With basic research and drug efficacy, this is also the area where there is probably the greatest and most urgent need for better test methods with greater transferability to humans. This is the area with the greatest potential for innovation.

Most important Short-Term Action: Investment and continuous improvement of animal welfare.

Mid- to Long-Term Action:  Innovation and evolution in the field of biomedical, biotechnological and information technology research.  

Our Commitment

While recognizing that we don't have all the solutions yet, our commitment to phase out the animal use lies in taking tangible steps today. By focusing on these three strategic baskets, we aim to foster and boost a culture of innovation and responsibility.

Join us on our journey towards a future where science and ethics harmoniously coexist. Together, we can shape a world where progress is not hindered by challenges but fueled by our collective determination to do right things first, even though we can’t solve everything today.