Innovation is a key driver of our future growth.

Investing in new ideas

With targeted investments we make sure our employees have the equipment and skills they need to work on cutting-edge innovations. On top of our investments in research we also make it our priority to create an open-minded atmosphere at our company – through open processes, co-operations, alliances and partnerships. Find out more about our approach to innovation, research and development here.

Facts & Figures


billion EUR investment in R&D in 2017


of Total Sales invested in R&D in 2017

Research and Development spend in 2017 Research and Development spend in 2017
R&D Investment by business sector 2017

1.632 bn in Healthcare (76%), 0.241 bn in Life Science (11%), 0.225 bn in Performance Materials (11%)

Our R&D Approach


Our research scientists are hard at work on groundbreaking medicines and technologies to treat everything from cancer and infertility to colds and pains. Wherever there is a medical need, our highly experienced research and development team hopes to meet it.

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Healthcare Pipeline

Our Pipeline provides information about what our Healthcare business is currently working on.

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Life Science

Our Life Science business is research driven and innovation focused. In 2017, we invested 2.1 bn Euro in R&D which supported our innovation in launching 2,100 products – products designed in mind with meeting our customers most unmet needs – from antibodies to water purification systems. The ability to innovate is the core of our culture across all three of our businesses; Research Solutions, Process Solutions and Applied Solutions.

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Performance Materials

Our Performance Materials business is an innovation leader, constantly producing new technologies and new markets for our customers, often through partnerships across industries. We have come up with groundbreaking liquid crystal displays and windows, effect pigments for coatings and color cosmetics and high-tech materials for use in integrated circuits.

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