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Through strong connections to the startup community, scientific centers of excellence, and external partners across industries, we spin in external ideas and opportunities to our business sectors and innovation projects. In addition, we foster internal ideation. Upon selection of their idea, our employees have the opportunity to move to the Innovation Center and focus on their Innovation Projects in order to ensure successful scale-up to a viable new business.

Using technology building blocks such as blockchain, tokens, smart contracts, and crypto anchors, our novel digital platform creates an unprecedented level of digital trust. This system enables quality and reliability in machine-2-machine-connected worlds and also in new business models in the Industrial Internet of Things. Anchoring physical objects to a digital identity guarantees authenticity of information and physical objects. Applicable across all industries (ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage), it opens a digital window into value chains, avoids data silo inefficiencies and thereby ensures data interoperability and transparency.

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Bioelectronic medical devices will enable targeted treatment of indications and reduce side effects. Our innovation projects in this field will make innovative neurostimulation treatments possible. Dive deeper to learn more about our highly selective vagus nerve recording and stimulation and how we are boosting energy efficiency and high-resolution recording to enable new treatments

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If animal protein could be produced in bioreactors instead of farms, the ethical and environmental benefits could be huge. However, before cultured meat and seafood can be produced at scale, technical challenges first need to be resolved and production costs reduced. One of the major industry needs is to develop a robust, high-performance cell culture medium that is free of any animal-derived material such as fetal bovine serum. Our innovation project is tackling exactly this challenge.

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Current technology allows complete structure determination only on a milligram scale. Getting these amounts can be very laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. We are working on an improved technology that can make chemical structure determination much simpler, faster and cheaper. This method is the first one ever to determine the absolute chemical structure of samples at the microgram level in a very direct and simple way.

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Large organizations have a wealth of knowledge. However, they often face the challenge that it is not documented in an accessible way. That represents a huge source of untapped opportunity. In our Innovation Center, we have developed and successfully established an integrated digital platform at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany where information on technologies becomes instantly available to the fingertips of users, unchaining and speeding up organization-wide knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Now, together with software company Empolis, we are making it available to other companies like yours.

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