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Through strong connections to the startup community, scientific centers of excellence, and external partners across industries, we spin in external ideas and opportunities to our business sectors and innovation projects. In addition, we foster internal ideation. Upon selection of their idea, our employees have the opportunity to move to the Innovation Center and focus on their Innovation Projects in order to ensure successful scale-up to a viable new business.

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With our Innovation Center we built a creative and agile environment where curious minds can come together to create new technologies for the business of tomorrow.

Stefan Oschmann

CEO Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

If animal protein could be produced in bioreactors instead of farms, the ethical and environmental benefits could be huge. However, before cultured meat and seafood can be produced at scale, technical challenges first need to be resolved and production costs reduced. One of the major industry needs is to develop a robust, high-performance cell culture medium that is free of any animal-derived material such as fetal bovine serum. Our innovation project is tackling exactly this challenge.

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Agriculture of the future must meet the needs of a rising world population while, at the same time, coping with the extreme effects of climate change. Great challenges require innovative inventions. This is why we have developed smart photonic materials that will enable us to optimize plant metabolism by using the power of sunlight. With its fluorescent nanostructure, our revolutionary material solutions fine-tune the wavelength of sunlight to accelerating plant growth and increasing yields.

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For decades, the production process for tablets has barely changed. Using processes based on pressing tablets, current practices are very efficient for large-scale production. However, producing tablets becomes very costly and time-consuming during pharmaceutical development due to the need to adapt active pharmaceutical ingredient dosages. Our innovation project is developing a 3D printing (laser sintering) solution that will simplify tablet production tremendously, leading to significant cost and time savings during clinical development.

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Current technology allows complete structure determination only on a milligram scale. Getting these amounts can be very laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. We are working on an improved technology that can make chemical structure determination much simpler, faster and cheaper. This method is the first one ever to determine the absolute chemical structure of samples at the microgram level in a very direct and simple way.

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People aged 65 years have a fifty-fifty chance of being affected by a cataract – clouding of the natural eye lens. Vision can only be restored by cataract surgery where the clouded lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens.

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We are developing a novel security approach that can anchor physical objects in the digital world through a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain. This effectively protects the integrity of supply chains and the genuineness of products, resulting in certainty for your business and your customers. The benefits of this innovation project will include: Blockchain security to provide supply chain certainty, Adaptable solutions and Potential to enable new business models for you and your customers

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The autoimmune disease Lupus nephritis (LN) causes the body’s immune system to attack the kidneys, which leads to flares of kidney inflammation. As of today, there is no effective tool to detect this inflammation in an easy way: Biopsies are highly invasive and therefore unsuitable for routine monitoring; and current biomarkers only quantify disease effects, but do not provide data on causal inflammation. The biomarker LGALS3BP might address this challenge. Initial research shows that the biomarker potentially provides data on causal inflammation with immediate results when tested in urine.

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