On-demand privacy - the future of flexible spaces

Privacy can be hard to come by in collaborative and flexible spaces. Our dynamic glass can instantly change transparency level to create secluded areas while continuing to allow natural daylight through.

Open-plan building design can be desirable for many reasons, especially in offices and other commercial settings. It creates a collaborative environment,  allows freedom of movement, reduces construction costs and makes for flexible spaces that can easily be transformed to suit different purposes. There are  drawbacks, though. Namely, a lack of privacy.

But open-plan design and allowing for secluded spaces within these communal environments don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our Electronics division  has developed liquid crystal glazing that can instantly change its transparency level to provide on-demand privacy [1]

In the eyrise® i350 invisible privacy glazing, liquid crystal technology is enclosed between two glass sheets coated with a transparent conductive film.  When low-voltage electricity is applied to these panels, they are fully transparent, like normal glass partitions. Remove this voltage and the orientation of the liquid crystals change, scattering light and turning the panel a translucent white. 

The smart glass has been designed with flexibility in mind — whether that be creating an on-demand meeting room, a hygienic and secluded space for a hospital consultation, a private area for retail customers or temporarily breaking up a large venue for a specific function.

Importantly, even in their translucent white state, the dynamic partitions preserve the flow of natural light through open-plan spaces. Exposure to daylight  is a basic human need. It makes us healthier, contributes to better sleep, improves our mood and makes us more focused and productive [2].

Given their ability to create unobtrusive options for flexible, on-demand privacy while preserving optimal 'lightwellness' in open-plan designs, these smart glass partitions are destined to have a home in the communal spaces of tomorrow.

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    Imagine a building filled with light, but with no need for blinds and aggressive air conditioning. We’ve made it a reality with our groundbreaking smart glass eyrise™.
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    The Niemeyer Sphere has opened in Germany. Key to realizing his vision was our eyrise™ liquid crystal dynamic glass technology. Curious how this looks like?
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    Human centric lighting, combined with smart lighting controls, is revolutionizing the way we light buildings, bringing health and environmental benefits.

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