Human rights

By fulfilling our human rights due diligence obligations, we meet our responsibility to society. At the same time, this enables us to remain competitive over the long term.

Respect Human Rights

As an international company, we have a responsibility to observe human rights globally. We are committed to ensuring that no violations of human rights occur at our Group companies, suppliers or business partners, and that efforts are made to improve the respective circumstances in the event that human rights violations are identified. To achieve this goal, we orient towards the statutory requirements (e.g. German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains) as well as international standards.

Our commitment to observing human rights is enshrined in our Human Rights Charter. It is oriented toward the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights and defines the expectations that we set for ourselves and our business partners. Further, in our Human Rights Policy Statement we commit to comply globally with human rights and specific environmental due diligence obligations at our own business operations and throughout our supply chain. In Australia and the United Kingdom, we additionally report on the steps and measures with which we want to prevent forced labor and human trafficking in accordance with the Australia Modern Slavery Act as well as the UK Modern Slavery Act.

We want to gain knowledge of risks and violations relating to human rights and environmental aspects at the earliest possible stage in order to take effective preventive and remedial measures and avert possible harm to the persons affected, our employees and society. If you have information about corresponding improprieties with respect to our activities or those of our suppliers, please contact us, for example via our compliance hotline. Additional complaint channels and information about human rights and environmental reports and complaints can be found in our Rules of Procedure.

Our human rights due diligence process