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Versum Materials™ reaches milestone with installation of 200th CHEMGUARD® Gen. III Refill System

Company continues tradition of supplying quality semiconductor equipment with the CHEMGUARD Gen III product launch; charters team to evaluate new molecules

The Delivery Systems and Services Group (DS&S) of Versum Materials, Inc. has realized an important milestone: the sale and commissioning of its 200th CHEMGUARD® Gen III high purity, liquid delivery system since the product line launched in early 2016. The 200 units are now running in the latest high-volume semiconductor fabs globally.

Built on a legacy of more than 30 years of supplying advanced materials and delivery systems to the global semiconductor and electronics markets, Versum’s DS&S Group continues to design and build safer, more reliable delivery equipment for high purity gas and liquid distribution.

the CHEMGUARD Gen III system has been very well received by all our major customers, especially with its new, built-in redundancy.”Jeff Chung, DS&S Asia sales manager

The CHEMGUARD product family was first launched in 1999 under the Schumacher brand. David Eshelman, product manager, explained, “Our customers’ original requests for improved safety and uptime help create the CHEMGUARD system,” he said. Eshelman explained that those requirements still exist today, but at each node the molecules and processes used have become much more technically challenging. “The specific needs of today’s specialty, flammable or highly-energetic molecules have been addressed by the unique CHEMGUARD Gen III model designs,” he said.



Capitalizing on its materials and delivery systems expertise, Versum Materials recently created an experienced, multi-disciplined team to review new molecules as they ramp and gain market acceptance. The team evaluates the molecule safety and process needs and helps speed time-to-market for new molecules and processes by having a delivery solution ready when technology ramps.

“When our team says ‘go’ we know that the molecule is ‘CHEMGUARD Ready’,” said Eshelman. “The next node is right around the corner. We want the market to know that the established CHEMGUARD system continues to advance to meet the demands of a changing marketplace.”

For more information about Versum’s CHEMGUARD® Gen III high purity, liquid delivery system or any of Versum’s advanced materials, process materials or delivery systems, visit or contact David Eshelman (; +1 (760) 929-6250) or Jeff Chung (; +886 (3) 516-0100 x651)