Who we are

We are a global science and technology company with a passion for forward-thinking discoveries.

we are vibrant science and technology

We want to develop products and solutions for a better life. That's why we take a closer look at things, ask questions and think ahead.

We've been around for almost 350 years, yet the great majority of our shares are still held by the descendants of Friedrich Jacob Merck, the man who founded our company in Darmstadt in 1668.

50,000 employees in 66 countries work together with us on innovative solutions and the newest technologies. In doing so, we spare no expense or effort. In 2016 we invested a total of 2.0 billion Euros in research and development.

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, holds the rights to the name and the trademark “MERCK” internationally except for the United States and Canada, where we operate in the biopharma market as EMD Serono, in life science as MilliporeSigma, and in the specialty chemicals and high-tech materials business area as EMD Performance Materials.


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We are experts

Healthcare, life science and performance materials are at the core of our business. Within all three sectors, we develop specialized and high-quality products for a better life.

Our businesses

We help create, improve and extend life

From prescription medications for the treatment of conditions like cancer and infertility, to over-the-counter products against cold symptoms or pain, our work in the healthcare sector changes millions of lives.

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Our research helps researchers

In our Life Science business we work in collaboration with the global scientific community to find solutions to the greatest challenges in the sector. We provide scientists with laboratory materials, technologies and services, to make research and biotech production simpler, faster and more successful.

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We deliver bright prospects and crystal clear images

In our Performance Materials business we develop specialty chemicals for targeted purposes. These range from liquid crystals for displays to effect pigments for lacquers and cosmetics, and high-tech materials for the electronics industry.

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