Strategy & Values

We live in a world full of possibilities: a world that is constantly being changed by new ideas. That's what drives us.

What we stand for

We take a closer look at challenges, ask questions and think ahead. Since 1668, we have been developing high-quality products for a better life. Curiosity and a spirit of discovery make us who we are. Our work is also defined by our long-term strategy which brings benefits to our customers, investors, partners and employees.

Our Code of Conduct, which applies to all areas of the company and is based on uniform standards, provides us with a framework for our decisions and actions.

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Shared values

Our success is built on courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity and transparency. These values shape our daily work, the way we meet challenges and our interactions with our customers, business partners and colleagues.

Our values are the foundation of our success



Courage opens the door to the future.

  • Courage requires trust in one’s own abilities.
  • Courage leads to a healthy self-perception.
  • Courage supports the competence needed to execute decisions in change processes.
  • Courage means: We challenge ourselves.
  • Courage opens us to new ideas.



Achievement makes our entrepreneurial success possible.

  • Achievement shapes individual and entrepreneurial ability.
  • Achievement challenges and promotes our people.
  • Achievement supports the personal development of our people.
  • Achievement can be measured by the results obtained.
  • Achievement ensures entrepreneurial independence.



Responsibility determines our entrepreneurial actions.

  • Responsibility characterizes our behavior towards customers, employees, investors and service providers.
  • Responsibility means treating our natural resources with care and vigilantly protecting our environment.
  • Responsibility determines our business decisions, which we jointly endorse.
  • Responsibility means setting a good example.
  • Responsibility leads to recognition and acceptance of our business activities.



Respect is the foundation of any partnership

  • Respect is based on the concept of humanity and human dignity.
  • Respect generates an atmosphere of esteem, fairness and recognition.
  • Respect requires open and honest communication.
  • Respect enables us to work successfully in different cultures and with different people.
  • Respect means valuing achievement – yesterday, today and tomorrow.



Integrity ensures our credibility.

  • Integrity is the cornerstone of what makes us credible to everyone.
  • Integrity enables us to do what we say.
  • Integrity obliges us to keep our promises.
  • Integrity also means being able to say no.
  • Integrity permits only those transactions and dealings that conform to our values.



Transparency makes mutual trust possible.

  • Transparency is the involvement of all stakeholders through information.
  • Transparency makes our actions understandable.
  • Transparency supports goal-oriented behavior throughout the company.
  • Transparency creates reliability.
  • Transparency promotes the participation of everyone in the company prepared to accept responsibility.

A clear strategy

We have set ourselves the goal of growing sustainably and profitably. We want to achieve this by continuously developing our existing portfolio and encouraging our employees to search for new solutions. In addition, we believe in targeted acquisitions to intelligently complete and extend our expertise. We want to offer strong products and services within all of our business areas and markets, so that our profits are independent of economic cycles. That's why we have a clear strategy for each of our business areas as well as our finance and dividend policy:


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