Life Science Strategy

Our Life Science Strategy: A Sharpened Focus to Drive Transformation

​Over the past decade, our Life Science business has emerged as a top global player serving academia, the biopharmaceutical industry, and the industrial sector. Our purpose is to impact life and health with science.​

To fulfill this aspiration, deliver our ambitious growth plans and meet the needs of our customers in an evolving and dynamic market, we will focus on capitalizing on the key trends, including:​ 

  • The growing market for complex and novel modalities such as viral vectors, antibody-drug conjugates and mRNA. ​ 
  • Focus on network and capacity expansions in-region, for-region. Continue to invest in new capacity for key portfolios in our bioprocessing business, including single-use, filtration, and cell culture media, and in globally key regions, such as China.  ​ 
  • Unite our top-tier positions across diverse lab and testing segments, enabling us to remain a leading player in the academic and government scientific communities.​ 
  • Provide service offerings that continue leadership in the attractive and growing contract testing, development, and manufacturing organization (CTDMO) segment, where we are positioned to become a multi-modality CTDMO with differentiated technologies. 
  • Perform innovation and improve customer experience, enabled by state-of-the-art eCommerce, digitally enabled solutions and end-to-end offerings.​