Biopharma Strategy

Biopharma aims to become a preferred global biopharmaceutical partner through its enduring commitment to transforming patients’ lives with innovative specialty medicines, leading brands and high-value solutions. Global megatrends such as world population growth and a general increase in life expectancy are bolstering the demand for Biopharma's products. The business is well-positioned for sustainable growth.

The first pillar of Biopharma's strategy is to deliver innovation globally. The portfolio decision-making process has been improved and a rigorous project prioritization implemented with shorter timelines to phase transitions. Efficiency in R&D has been strengthened with the development of biomarkers to improve patient outcomes, with a focus on selected core therapeutic areas and with the creation of Translational Innovation Platforms. Biopharma has two priority development programs: atacicept in immunology and avelumab in immuno-oncology, an anti-PD-L1 antibody that Biopharma will develop and commercialize with Pfizer as a potential treatment for multiple tumor types.

The second pillar of Biopharma's strategy is to maximize the existing portfolio in developed markets. In the Multiple Sclerosis franchise, the vision is to remain a leader by providing innovative solutions that include drugs, devices and services to help people living with multiple sclerosis. 

Biopharma plans to fully exploit the potential of Rebif®, its top-selling product, in an increasingly competitive multiple sclerosis market and to position it as the best interferon-based therapeutic option for patients who suffer from the relapsing form of the disease, driving differentiation via smart injection devices and the first multiple sclerosis e-Health platform. 

In Fertility, the focus is on expanding market leadership and on providing innovative services and technologies beyond drugs.

In Oncology, Biopharma promotes the value of Erbitux® to personalized treatments, especially in Europe and Japan, and emphasizes the importance of offering patients complete testing for RAS status in order to ensure optimum treatment. Biopharma will also ensure launch readiness in these innovation-driven markets. Through the co-promotion of Xalkori® with Pfizer, Biopharma is entering the U.S. oncology market and preparing for the future launch of its anti-PD-L1 antibody.

The third pillar of the Biopharma's strategy is to expand further in Emerging Markets. With a growing middle class, extended health care coverage, a shift towards chronic diseases, and rising demand for biologics, Emerging Markets are a key driver for Biopharma, accounting for over 60 % of organic growth between 2011 and 2013.

In Emerging Markets, Biopharma is implementing strategic growth initiatives in its General Medicine and specialty medicine franchises to address specific needs. Biopharma is leveraging capabilities and local channels, for example by extending the breadth and depth of promotion in China, expanding its portfolio via regional and local licensing, and supporting market developments in Fertility.

Biopharma is also investing selectively and growing its flagship brands with new formulations (Euthyrox® or Glucophage®), fixed-dose combinations (Concor®) and devices (Saizen®). Biopharma is repatriating business, taking back the promotion of our products from industry partners where attractive. And it is expanding the focus of its portfolio with growth initiatives in biologics.