Specialty Gases Industry challenge

Specialty gases is a complex end-to-end business that supports advancements in chip architectures that require new materials and more material consumption per chip. Paired with new requirements to support AI, AR, IoT and VR, automotive and aerospace applications, the semiconductor industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. With the surge of a remote workforce, virtual learning, online gaming and e-commerce, mobile devices and personal computers are in high demand.

Specialty gases are used across four different applications in the semiconductor chip manufacturing process. Certain products chemically remove targeted materials off the wafer, while other gases with unique chemistries (e.g., fluorine, chlorine-based derivatives) are used to flow into a processing tool. Chip manufacturing success depends upon the reliability, safety, and innovation of specialty gases.

There are hundreds of raw material vendors spanning different geographies and qualities. The corrosive, high-pressure and toxic materials come in various sizes and types that all require specialized and safe handling. The specialty gases industry is challenged with increasing demand while maintaining safety, quality, and reliability.

Our Solution

We are obsessed with the customer. Over the past 30 years, we have increased our scale, capabilities and reach to fulfill our customers’ needs. We have over 40 products within our portfolio, the broadest in the market, covering etching, cleaning, deposition, and dopant gases. With the increase in chip production, we are proud to be a reliable partner in the supply chain.

We have the relationships, scale, and capabilities to source, supply, produce, package, and distribute materials to help our customers to utilize their fabs as efficiently as possible. We add value through our customer commitment, global footprint, and local infrastructure by delivering innovative technologies that give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Cylinder packages are tracked and processed using our returnable fleet model. We employ a flexible, innovative plug-and-play model and partner with our customers to develop new products, services and even facilities near them to support their success. Our business continuity and redundancy plans and strategic sub-supplier relationships help us ensure our promises.  

Our Specialty Gas Business breakthrough

Our specialty gas business is built upon four pillars:

  1. Footprint – a global manufacturing infrastructure, local warehousing across all key countries, and the largest cylinder fleet in the industry.
  2. Quality – process controls and standards, reliable supply, world-class advanced analytical capabilities, leading-edge equipment.
  3. Safety – the highest standard of safety in handling dangerous and toxic materials, processes, and expertise in synthesis.
  4. Technology – product (new etch, deposition and dopant gases) and process development (high-purity, advanced purification, and complex synthesis)

These pillars guide our everyday practices and strategic decisions to safely deliver the most advanced specialty gases to enable digital advancement. Our specialty gas business stands on a strong foundation.

Global Impact

Specialty gases are critical to creating the chips that enable our everyday lives. Our broad portfolio and safe handling of specialty gases make it possible for our world to work, learn, and innovate. Our vision is to continue to be a recognized leader in electronics specialty gases.

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