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Specialty Gases Research

In Specialty Gases research, we focus on three key areas: synthetic chemistry, sustainability, and process innovation. Our aim is to enable the long-term, sustainable growth of the Semi industry by developing new products and processes for essential gas phase materials. Our work spans the full range of chemistry, organic to inorganic, hydrides to fluorine, leveraging decades of experience developing and manufacturing ESG materials.

Our teams of scientists and engineers develop advanced synthesis methods for challenging molecules to enable their large-scale use. Novel reactions and reactors, advanced separations and analytical methods are combined into efficient, clean manufacturing processes with leading-edge quality and reliability.

We dive deeply into the fundamental chemistry of plasma processes to develop new dry etch materials. Our expert synthetic chemists generate unique compounds while advanced computational modeling and data science helps answer the basic question, why? World-class expertise in fluorine chemistry and manufacturing provides a unique capability to design fluorinated molecules with new functions and performance. Etch and plasma process experts study the behavior of new compounds to understand mechanisms and applications in our cleanroom facilities.

Sustainability is integrated into every new offering by designing new molecules with high utilization efficiency and very low GWP values. We develop materials that are sustainable by design, incorporating decomposition pathways into the molecular structure.

We develop new specialty gas in accordance with customer roadmaps. Challenging chemistry, creative solutions. We are leading the way towards our sustainable, data-driven future.

  • Doping

    Doping changes the electric behavior of the silicon to create a transistor.
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  • Etching

    Etching is removing those parts from the wafers which are not protected, for example by the photoresist, from the patterning step.
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  • Cleaning

    Strong position in IC cleans & leading player in in Advanced Cleans and Wafer Level Packaging TFRR.
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  • Deposition

    Gas phase reactants (chemical precursors) used to deposit thin films on substrates by CVD or ALD.
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