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Innovation is driven by curiosity. At our Darmstadt headquarters we have created the perfect surrounding to foster both. Our Innovation Center is not just a building though, it’s a mindset.

We help ideas grow and become viable new businesses

350 years of innovation have taught us how great ideas can create success and improve the lives of people. As innovation is often sparked by a curious question, we asked: “What if curious minds from all business sectors joined forces with external innovators to develop innovations beyond current boundaries? Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a place to complement our existing research and development where we could help ideas grow into viable new business outside our current scope?”

Our answer was to built a space for innovation right in the heart of our headquarters in Darmstadt: The Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany Innovation Center. Here, our initiatives connect employees and external startups, visionaries and companies from all around the globe to create groundbreaking innovations. The Innovation Center enables us to facilitate innovations and bring them to life through inviting our employees and external partners into an optimal environment where they can grow their ideas.

To give the future even more room, we opened our new Innovation Center at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany’s global headquarters—and it is far more than just a building: It is a mindset, open to new ideas and people. In this spirit, we invite you to ask curious questions, explore the unexplored and become part of our community of curious minds.

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Ready for the next big thing?

Looking beyond current boundaries

Taking different perspectives is key – which is why we approach innovation from many different angles. To build sustainable future businesses, we define Innovation Fields that set a strategic direction. We source internal ideas and foster to develop a dedicated project portfolio. We connect with internal and external innovators and strengthen their skills.

We endeavor to develop innovation projects from the initial idea all the way to a functioning business model beyond our current portfolio. The Innovation Center encourages employees across all business sectors to become an active driver of innovation by participating in our internal ideation programs. The most promising ideas sourced through these ideation channels become Innovation Projects.

Our Innovation Hubs in the Silicon Valley and in China share the Innovation Center´s approach. Together, we are developing new businesses and technologies that go beyond our company´s current scope. M Ventures, our company´s strategic corporate venture capital arm based in the Netherlands with offices in Germany, Israel and the USA complements this approach. It invests globally in science and technology startups and also offers supporting infrastructure through its incubators in Israel. With our global perspective, we are in continuous exchange with academia, research institutions, startups and cross-industry corporations around the world.  

Are you a curious mind?

Ready to push your curiosity, ideas, and even businesses to the next level? Then join us as we are reaching out to all students, entrepreneurs, startups and companies across sectors who are up for a challenge.

Imagine a virtual reality experience that supports children with cancer in hospitals, or a bright organic light source that can be printed on paper. These and other great ideas have been brought to the Innovation Center and were further developed right here.

Together with innovative students, startups and well-established companies around the world we collaborate on innovation beyond current boundaries. Explore our various formats that allow you to work on new ideas or to test, train, and share your skills!

  • Think Tank

    In the Innovation Think Tank, dedicated teams analyze future trends and technologies during a 3-month stay at the Innovation Center.

  • Innospire

    Innospire encourages employees to submit and further develop their ideas for new products or business opportunities.

  • Open Campaign

    Open Campaign is a dynamic, flexible ideation approach that accelerates internal ideas to innovation projects within a short time frame.

  • Our Innovator Academy

    Our Innovator Academy runs need-based trainings for idea-givers, innovators, internal project teams, members of think tanks, and startups.

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Oliver Klaeffling

Head of the Innovation Center