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Innovation Center

Innovation is driven by curiosity. At our Darmstadt headquarters we have created the perfect surrounding to foster both. Our Innovation Center is not just a building though, it’s a mindset.

Bringing ideas to life

We know how important and life-changing great ideas can be. Our Innovation Center was built to facilitate innovations and bring them to life, right in the heart of our headquarters in Darmstadt. It provides the perfect surrounding to try out new things and find clever solutions for today’s challenges.

In addition to our global research and development efforts, the Innovation Center is our way of shaping the future. Bringing together people, technologies and skills from different areas under one roof, it is the place where innovative ideas and projects are born and grow. These make way for new products and services and open up exciting opportunities across all our business sectors.

The Innovation Center is both a physical space and a culture of openness and exchange between employees, experimental startups, visionaries and companies around the globe. It’s a holistic approach grounded in various initiatives, events, and opportunities to get involved.    

Curious? See for yourself

Take a virtual trip to our headquarters in Darmstadt and find out what our Innovation Center is all about. Download Presskit

Are you up for a challenge?

Join us and push your curiosity, your ideas or even your business to a new level! We invite students, entrepreneurs and start-ups to take our X-Innovation Challenge.

Every journey of innovation is different. With our wide range of formats, you have many opportunities to work on new ideas or to test, train and share your skills. Within only 24 hours, you can create the next big thing in one of our Hackathons. Or take part in our Virtual Challenge with the chance of entering the Virtual Incubation program afterwards: Our experts will help you to further develop your idea. On top of that, all winners of our Hackathons and Virtual Challenges are invited to our 3-day X-Challenge Summit, with workshops, pitches and expert talks. Entrepreneurs get access to everything they need to bring their start-up to the next level with our global Accelerator.

Space for innovation


square meters of space provided for employees and guests in the Innovation Center.


start-ups were supported by our global Accelerator since 2015.


hackers have tackled exciting challenges during our Hackathons.

Inspiring curiosity, supporting innovators

In the Innovation Center, we strive to motivate our employees to work together across disciplines, teams or business sectors and come up with new, disruptive ideas:

The Innospire Initiative encourages employees to submit and further develop their ideas for new products or business opportunities.

In the Innovation Think Tank dedicated teams analyze future trends and technologies during a 3-months period in the Innovation Center. Based on their findings they are keen to develop new project ideas that will help our company succeed in the future.

Upon selection of their idea, our employees have the opportunity to move to the Innovation Center and focus on their Internal Innovation Projects.

Our Innovator Academy organizes inspirational talks, mentoring, online and offline training as well as workshops designed to encourage creativity and innovation. This wide range of opportunities supports innovators and curious minds all the way, from the initial idea to its final realization.    

Michael Gamber

Head of Innovation Center