Consumer Health

To us, innovation in Consumer Health means solving a problem in a way that is significantly better than previous solutions, creating new value for consumers and for our business.

Designing products with the power to improve lives on a daily basis

To achieve our goal in the most efficient way, we also collaborate with external researchers. Partnerships and alliances are an essential part of our R&D strategy. Our research teams are dedicated to thoughtful, innovative products created to support the health and well being of people in their everyday lives. These are a few:

  • Probiotics and probiotic multi-vitamins
  • Prenatal and postnatal supplements
  • Nasal decongestants 
  • Nerve Care
  • Pain
  • Jointcare and mobility
  • Anemia / Iron deficiency

From Insight to Innovation

We use strong brands to develop products that make a difference to people’s lives. To build strength, we focus on the most precious part of any product cycle: the people who use the product. For decades, we have made their insights the starting point for our innovations. It has been a remarkably effective approach. 

Once an insight indicates a need, we aim to meet it by harnessing genuine innovation, wherever this may be. Which is why we forge partnerships with external researchers. Working in partnership is a fast and cost-effective way to improve our understanding of health and healthcare products.

We use innovation to improve on existing solutions to health problems. We live and breathe innovation in everything we do in-house, which makes us experts in identifying innovators elsewhere. If we recognize untapped potential that could enhance our R&D, we seek to harness that potential through partnership. On our Consumer Centric Innovation pages, you can read about what this approach means to us, and see examples of our approach in action.


Our network of consumer health alliances

As one of the world’s leading research-led consumer healthcare companies, we fully appreciate the importance of collaborating with external researchers as part of our R&D strategy. Working in partnership can help improve our understanding of health and healthcare products more quickly and more cost-effectively than working in isolation. Innovation means solving a consumer problem in a way that is significantly better than previous solutions, creating new value for consumers and for our business. To truly be an innovative company, it’s essential that we must live, breathe, act, and profess innovation, at all levels and in everything we do. We are excellent at what we do, but we are also humble enough to know that there are many individuals and organizations out there who have much to contribute. If we need expertise that does not exist within our company, we are happy to seek it outside. Our aim with R&D is simple: to reach our end goals most efficiently. If this is sometimes best achieved through alliances with others, that’s what we will do. Further information here. 


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