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For more than 350 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. And we will continue to do this in years to come - with technologies that can change the rules of the game in entire industries and make a difference to millions of people’s lives every day.

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  • Animal welfare

    We strive for the highest research ethics and welfare for all animals used in our research – and our ambition is to phase out this animal use.

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  • DNA damage response

    Drugs that block different DNA damage repair pathways could be used alone and together with chemo-, radio- and immunotherapy to transform cancer care.

  • Perovskite solar cells

    Versatile, efficient, and now stable: how advances in perovskite solar cells promise to revolutionize the semiconductor industry and lead to portable solar power.

  • Eradicating malaria

    Our new advanced 3D cell model is accelerating the search for new chemoprevention drugs that offer hope of eradicating the disease once and for all.

  • Drug delivery vehicles

    Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) underpin Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and are set to transform the future of medicine by delivering cutting-edge RNA therapeutics into cells.

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  • Data and digital health

    By bringing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve medical problems, new digital health tools promise to revolutionize remote patient care.

  • The CO2 to fuel generator

    The 2022 Future Insight Prize winner: A dream product that draws CO2 from the air to generate a sustainable, carbon-negative fuel source to meet our growing energy demands.

  • Robots in the workplace

    We are piloting a range of robot applications to help protect our workforce, enhance their work environment, and free up time to focus on innovation.

  • Green solvents

    Our new green solvents enable faster, more effective cleaning during semiconductor manufacturing, using fewer chemicals, and reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.

  • Sustainable laser marking

    Can permanent laser marks help track and trace plastic materials to support a more circular economy?

  • Bioelectronic therapies

    Tiny electrodes that record and stimulate nerve activity could help to monitor and treat a wide range of diseases.

  • Brain-like computers

    Neuromorphic networks that mimic the structure and function of the human brain promise to be game-changers in AI, healthcare, and power untold new technologies.

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