Living our commitment

More than a decade ago we committed ourselves to the fight against schistosomiasis. Learn more about our efforts to eliminate the disease.

Our milestones

  • 2.0b

    tablets donated since 2007.

  • 800

    million treatments for school-aged children were enabled.

  • 250

    Up to 250 million tablets donated annually.

We have partnered with the World Health Organization since 2007 to provide up to 250 million tablets annually to countries affected by schistosomiasis. In this way, we ensure that the most vulnerable populations receive life-changing treatment – especially children. We want to enable people to have healthy and productive lives, helping them to break the cycle of poverty. We are committed to continue delivering treatment until the disease is eliminated.

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We support the global fight against schistosomiasis by advancing and expanding our capabilities through research and development activities. In particular, we are developing a pediatric formulation of our schistosomiasis medicine for children under the age of six, within a consortium of partners. We are also running collaborative research and development programs for innovative and adapted treatments (including to address female genital schistosomiasis), sensitive diagnostics and vector control methods. Importantly, we strengthen our research expertise and capacity through collaborative programs with African centers of excellence.

Global Health Institute
  • WASH & schistosomiasis

    Fighting water-borne diseases, like schistosomiasis, by supporting water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa
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  • Storytelling Lab

    The lab brings together community leaders and storytellers with health experts to develop innovative communication pilots to combat Schistosomiasis in local communities.

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  • Behaviour Change

    In Ethiopia, we operate a health education program in partnership with the NALA Foundation and the country’s Federal Ministry of Health.
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We believe that greater awareness will lead to more action to control and eliminate schistosomiasis. We use our influence as a global company to create awareness of this disease. However, we cannot fight schistosomiasis alone. Strong partnerships are essential to advancing the global agenda. Our investment in treatments with the WHO and the development of a pediatric formulation through a consortium of partners are two examples. We are also a founding member of the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA), a central convening platform for international partners. Together, we develop holistic solutions to control and eliminate schistosomiasis.

Praziquantel Consortium

Women and girls in countries with low and middle income are disproportionately affected by neglected tropical diseases, such as schistosomiasis. Social taboos around female fertility, common misdiagnosis of disease in women and underfunding of research into woman’s health are often the cause. Read more about our engagement around women’s health here.

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  • What is Schistosomiasis?

    Schistosomiasis is a water-borne tropical disease caused by parasitic worms. Click below to learn more about it.
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  • What has been going on?

    Greater awareness will lead to more action to control and eliminate schistosomiasis. Learn how we have been raising awareness of this disease.
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  • Health for All

    Our overarching aim is to create a healthier future for all. We believe that this includes reducing the negative impact of neglected tropical diseases such as schistosomiasis.

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