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We want to shape the future actively. Thus, we take on responsibility every day – for our products as well as our employees, the environment and society.

More than 350 years of responsible conduct

Responsibility is one of our six company values – along with courage, achievement, respect, integrity, and transparency. We live and breathe these core values not just within our company, but also in how we interact with our customers and business partners. Of course, we also comply with applicable laws and regulations and are committed to international guidelines.

Our products and technologies are aimed at improving people’s lives. When developing them, we follow clear regulations concerning quality and product safety. Globally, we are on the look-out for pioneering developments and trends – and we take care to conserve the environment and valuable resources. Not least, we support our customers in improving the sustainability footprint of their own products.  

Products for a green future

Climate change and the increasing scarcity of natural resources are among the greatest challenges of our time. With our products, we want to help overcome these challenges. In doing so, we are also helping our customers to reduce the negative impacts of their own activities and to achieve their own sustainability goals. After all, we know that we can approach these major challenges only together.  

  • SMASH Packaging

    With our sustainable packaging strategy for Life Science products, we are reducing our ecological footprint.

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  • Less energy, more power

    Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are the future of display technology. They combine brilliant colors and high contrasts with low power consumption.

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  • Cyrene: green Chemistry

    We apply the Principles of Green Chemistry to develop environmentally sound, safe solvents. For example Cyrene: A bio-based solvent.

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Act Responsibly

We consistently aspire to act in accordance with our values and believe that profitability should go hand in hand with the highest ethical standards.

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Respect Human Rights

As an international company, we have a responsibility to observe human rights globally. We are committed to our responsibility to respect human rights – above all, this means ensuring that none of our business activities violates human rights within our sphere of influence. To this end, we need to find out which measures for protecting human rights at our sites are already being implemented. Using this knowledge, we can develop effective strategies, processes and support offers that have been coordinated precisely according to the conditions in individual countries and human rights risks on-site.

Our commitment to observing human rights is enshrined in our Human Rights Charter. It is oriented toward the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights and defines the expectations that we set for ourselves and our business partners. In Australia and the United Kingdom, we additionally report on the steps and measures with which we want to prevent forced labor and human trafficking in accordance with the Australia Modern Slavery Act as well as the UK Modern Slavery Act.   

To develop, manufacture and commercialize our products, we need raw materials, packaging, technologies, components, and services. That's why we work with more than 60,000 suppliers in nearly 160 countries. When procuring our materials, we pay attention to their quality, supply reliability and competitive prices. We expect our suppliers to share our ethical, social and legal foundations for responsible procurement and we also expect them to orient their supply chains accordingly.

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Fully Transparent

The treatments and solutions offered by our Healthcare business sector improve the lives of millions of people. The assistance that doctors, medical institutions and patient organizations provide for our research and development activities is very valuable to us. That is why we comply with clear and transparent standards when supporting partner organizations.

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Stronger together with our partners

UN Global Compact UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact

We are a UN Global Compact participant. We commit ourselves to ten principles based on UN conventions regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. At the same time, the UN Global Compact encourages the signatories to engage in propagating the principles.

responsible-care-logo responsible-care-logo
Responsible Care

As a signatory to the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry, we do more than required by law and have adopted binding standards for product responsibility, environmental protection, health and safety.

TfS-logo TfS-logo
Together for Sustainability
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Together for Sustainability

The Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative aims to systematically assess and improve sustainability sourcing practices across the globe. The evaluation results can be used by TfS member companies who abide by all restrictions agreed upon within competition law.

ChemieHoch3-EN-logo ChemieHoch3-EN-logo

We are also a member of the Chemie3 initiative. The partners of this unique alliance aim to make sustainability a core part of the chemical industry's guiding principles and to jointly drive the sector's position within the German economy as a key contributor to sustainable development.

london-declaration-logo london-declaration-logo
London Declaration

The London Declaration is an innovative, multi-stakeholder partnership comprised of pharmaceutical companies, donor groups, implementing partners, governments and other supportive partners committed to attaining the World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 goals.

AA_Banners_02, logo-access-accelerated AA_Banners_02, logo-access-accelerated
Access Accelerated

At the World Economic Forum, 22 leading global pharma companies, including our company, announced plans to launch a worldwide initiative called Access Accelerated. It aims to improve the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low- and middle-income countries.

  • High-tech & sustainable

    Science and technology are at the heart of everything we do, driving innovations that enable us to contribute to a sustainable future.

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  • Our impact

    The United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how we are contributing.

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  • Sustainability by numbers

    Key figures help us to assess how sustainable our company is. They enable us to measure our progress.

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