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Type of Event

Fair & Exhibition

18 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019

From 10:00 to 16:00

Nangang Exhibition Center

Hall 1

Taipei, Taiwan

Speech of Dr. Yi Cao on September 19th, 10:25 AM

AbstractAqueous Materials for Advanced Lithography

EMD Performance Materials provides a broad material portfolio enabling advanced photolithography.

Rinse material is a unique offering to alleviate capillary force hence mitigate pattern collapse in very fine photoresist pattern through reducing surface tension with novel surfactants. Based on the knowledge and know-hows acquired in the development of rinse materials for ArF dry/immersion lithography processes in the past decades, new material platforms have been developed to extend the technique to meet the ever critical requirements in the era of EUV lithography.

AZ® Extreme 10 was commercialized as the world’s first rinse material dedicated for EUV lithography, designed for 22nm hp patterning. In the past few years, material development has been focused on further improving the compatibility with the new generations of EUV photoresists for finer pattern below 18nm hp and reducing photoresist residues during development process to enable manufacturing process of 7nm node and beyond. The latest emphasis is to develop novel materials to address stochastic effects which are crucial for the development of high-NA EUV lithography to enable further pattern scaling along the technology roadmap.

We are committed to providing novel solutions to confront the increasing technical challenges in advanced patterning.

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Aqueous Materials for Advanced Lithography

Dr. Yi Cao

Head of Lithography Materials, Global Product Management