3D & Systems Summit and MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit "Connecting Heterogeneous Systems”

The summit brings together thought leaders from the entire 3D & Systems and packaging and, MEMS/imaging/sensor value chain to discuss the latest advancements in Heterogeneous Integration and sensing technology.

Type of Event

Virtual Event

Our Participation


01 Sep 2021 - 03 Sep 2021

Our participation

Engage with Dr. Beate Burkhart, Head of Materials Innovation Pipeline and Takashi Mochizuki, Global Product Manager, to discover the newest and most unique product launches in the fields of 3D, heterogeneous integration, MEMS and imaging.


  1. Takashi Mochizuki

    Global Product Manager

    "Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (Tlps) -Assembly for Heterogeneous Integration“

  2. Dr. Beate Burkhart

    Head of Materials Innovation Pipeline

    “DEI in Semi R&D: Insights from EMD Electronics' Materials Innovation Team”